Valentine’s Day 2023 “Camera and work are what I am in an all-time relationship with,” says actress Kashika Kapoor

Valentine’s Day 2023 “Camera and work are what I am in an all-time relationship with,” says actress Kashika Kapoor

The day of love is just around the corner and everyone’s only asking one another – what are you doing this Valentine’s Day? While some of us may just stay at home and find love in a box of chocolates, others already have romantic date nights planned. But for our talented young actress Kashika Kapoor, it’s a day she’ll spend with her first and forever love.

We wonder what this would be all for, Kashika Kapoor who is all set to make her big Bollywood debut, as she has started shooting for her debut film with actor Anuj Saini for Pradip Khairwar’s untitled rom-com to which the actress has revealed with whom she is in a relationship and wants to spend this day of love with to which the actress says, “I’m in an all-time relationship with my work & I can’t be any more excited as I’m spending valentines in the best way possible… by doing what I love & loving what I do, with the best friend & my lifelong partner “

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The actress also went on saying something special for all her fans this Valentine’s day to which the actress says, “Valentine’s Day is such a special day! A day of surprises and romance to honor your loved one! Last year was a very special year for me because my series and numerous songs with big productions and actors were released, and I received a lot of love from my fans all over the world, for which I am eternally grateful. I would be shooting for my debut film and nothing could be the best feeling for me apart from that.”
But I am more grateful that this year has started with lots of love and gratefulness as I have started shooting for my debut film, which has been my dream.” The camera has always been my first love, and I know no matter what even if I fall in love tomorrow with anyone, My work, My Camera will always be my forever and true love and I am very proud of that”, exclaims the actress.
We can say that Kashika Kapoor has expressed her emotions and feelings that she feels for a precious part of her life which is called love and that is the Camera. On the work front, apart from her debut film Kashika Kapoor also has a music video coming up this Valentine’s Day with Tseries, stay tuned for more updates.

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