New SEO and Marketing Realities Marketingbyraj – Rajesh Kumar

New SEO and Marketing Realities Marketingbyraj – Rajesh Kumar

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is one of the fundamental realities of modern marketing. It’s critical to understand the difference between old-style SEO and modern SEO in particular. There is literally a world of difference.

When SEO first started, it started as a very simplistic form of search criteria and then degenerated into “keyword spam” full stop Google and other search engines soon put a stop to that, creating contextual searches and more recently “helpful” search criteria. That’s the broad brush picture. But it’s not the whole story. There’s a lot more to SEO than keywords and spammy information in the meta.

SEO is an area where experience generates savvy. If you have a lot of experience like Rajesh Kumar’s decades of SEO, you learn what’s a good SEO idea and what’s not.

There’s a series of issues here.

More is not better. A single good key phrase or keyword metered to the specific market will be much more effective. These keywords are sourced by rigorous analysis and a thorough understanding of the market. This type of meta will be much more effective.

Bad meta is bad business. Using old-style keywords and meta is a surefire recipe for total failure in search rankings.

There is no one-size-fits-all SEO for any business. All businesses are different and all businesses need their own specific SEO. That might sound like a no-brainer, but strangely enough, even the same businesses in the same area all need to emphasize their selling points and highlight their business specialties.

You can see how this might impact even the most basic SEO. The strange thing is that so many SEO “specialists” Seem to do cut and paste work which simply does not meet market needs.

(Much less impressive is the fact that this type of SEO also doesn’t meet search ranking criteria. In effect, It’s the exact opposite of what their clients actually need.)

SEO and Marketing Realities Marketingbyraj - Rajesh KumarSEO and Marketing Realities Marketingbyraj - Rajesh Kumar
SEO and Marketing Realities Marketingbyraj – Rajesh Kumar

It’s fair to say that Rajesh Kumar has seen it all in his various areas of e-commerce. Working across an extremely wide range of different types of business, from the international Jewelry, Real Estate, Hotel, gemstone market to working as an Instagram influencer common there’s a lot of serious major league experience behind his work.

Rajesh makes a point of staying at the forefront of current SEO. The business reality here is that if you are not up to date with current Google rules and search criteria, you might as well be playing marbles. Out-of-date SEO couldn’t win a game of marbles in the modern market.

Real SEO expertise is all about leveraging top quality SEO choices and options, not just going through the motions. The sad fact is that many people simply do not get SEO. They don’t even understand the basics. Rajesh spends a lot of time helping people with dysfunctional SEO for that reason.

If you’re looking for some help with your SEO and marketing realities, Rajesh Kumar Who’s the guy to talk to. He’s literally been there and done that, and he’ll be able to help with any services you need.


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