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MBR Pay Per Click Management focuses on the sales and profitability of our clients’ websites. Our clients come to us for this service because they are seeking a focused approach to online advertising. Often these same clients wish to “bridge the gap” while MBR SEO services are developing organic listings. The fact is that 30% of consumers and as much as 50% of businesses actually trust as first choice and/or click on the Sponsored Search Results in Google. This fact alone makes it critical for a well-defined, well-managed Pay Per Click strategy.

The problem is simple: You have already created a website but you are not getting enough leads or sales. You are either confused or disappointed in your paid search program because you are spending money with Google to generate ads, leads and sales but the leads and sales are just not happening in the numbers you had hoped.

The Solution: MBR Pay Per Click Management

What are the MBR Pay Per Click Management

PPC Plans Marketingbyraj.com

Pay Per Click Plans (Google) Basic Advanced +Maximizing Sales Effort Superior +Maximizing Sales Effort
Plan Details
Monthly fee USD
Minimum signup period 3 months 3 months 3 months
Maximum Number of keywords 50 500 50000
Campaign 1 3 10
Adgroup 5 15 50
Total USD
Promotion 6 months discount 5%, 12 months discount 10%
Guarantee on ranking on Google TOP 8 TOP 5 TOP 3
CPC (Cost Per Click) < 50% of max bid n y y
CTR (Click Through Rate) > 3% n y y
Conversion of clicks into leads >10% n y y
Conversion of clicks into sales >2% n y y
General Features
Google Search y y y
Search Partner n y y
Content Network n y y
Keyword research&recommendation n y y
Ad text recommendation n y y
PPC ad text optimization n y y
Ad text recommendation n y y
Language ENG/THAI ENG/THAI Worldwide
Location 1 1 Worldwide
Time&Date Able to select Able to select Able to select
Sales pitch optimization n y y
Keyword Quality Score optimization n y y
CTR & ROI maximization n y y


– Optimization is for Google Adwords; adding a PPC platform (YSM, MSN) adds 20% to the Plan price

– The PPC plans are for websites with an unlimited number of pages and 25 unique landing pages. For every additional 25 landing pages a surcharge of 10% is added to the Plan price. Explanation: a landing page is the page the PPC ad is pointed to; e.g. a product or services page.

Plan renewals, discounts & guarantees:

– All plans are renewable under the same conditions and targets. On renewal a 5% discount is given, on the price agreement.

– About the strenghts & weaknesses of SEO versus PPC please check here: SEO versus PPC .

Explanations on the terms used above:

– Keyword Quality score: a mixture of CTR (click through rate), keyword relevance to the ad text, and landing page quality; a high quality score will result in a higher ad ranking at lower CPC (cost per click).

– CTR: Click Through Rate: the ratio of clicks / number of ad impressions.

– ROI: Return On Investment; = sales margin * number of sales.

– Content targeting: PPC ads can be shown on Google’s content network (e.g. About.com, Lycos, etc).

– Site targeting: PPC ads can be shown on targeted websites (so not only on search engine screens).

– Campaign targets for 1 location or 1 country.

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