Rashmi Agdekar reveals her secret skincare routine for healthy-looking skin

Rashmi Agdekar reveals her secret skincare routine for healthy-looking skin

Bollywood Actors seem to age much slower than most of us, be it because of their extensive self-care routines and workouts or many more. They always need to deal with hectic schedules that involve shooting at the outdoor destinations, lots of travel, and even and layers of makeup Yet somehow, they still manage to have glowing flawless skin which looks meticulously hydrated and young. Having a skincare routine is very important. Let’s take a look into Rashmi Agdekar’s skincare routine and her reason behind flawless skin.


Actress Rashmi Agdekar is well known for her versatile acting and charming personality. The actress has acquitted herself in every performance and charming personality that has always made her audience awestruck. But do we know the reason behind her cuteness and her flawless skin? Rashmi Agdekar on sharing her skincare routine


Rashmi Agdekar discloses her secrets on how important it is to have flawless skin for an actor she exclaimed “It is very important. I prefer to wear very little makeup unless the role demands otherwise. When your skin is healthy and supple, it helps the makeup to blend well and looks natural on-screen”

She also added on how does she takes proper precautions for maintaining her skin post and pre shoots, “I make sure I get enough sleep the night before my shoot. Before putting on makeup, I spend a lot of time prepping my skin by moisturizing and massaging thoroughly. Throughout the day hydration is a must, so lots of water with some coconut water and fruits help. Post pack up from shoots. I make sure my skin is completely makeup-free and then oil my face and massage well before sleep. It helps me fight major breakouts. This is the best way to tackle hectic shoot days for me.” exclaimed actress Rashmi Agdekar.

Here are the top skincare products that she uses to make her skin look perfect which include Moisturizers, Rosewater, Toner, Face Oil, Under eye cream
Indeed we can say that this beauty is blessed with the best skin

On the work front, Rashmi Agdekar started her acting career with “Dev DD” in 2017 and played the lead role in “I’m Mature” for the Me web series on MX player which was critically acclaimed. She was seen in the web series “Rasbhari” alongside Swara Bhaskar on Amazon Prime. She also made her debut in Bollywood with the film “Andhadhun” alongside Ayushmann Khurrana. Rashmi Agdekar will be soon announcing her exciting upcoming projects.


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