Pia Bajpiee Takes a trip down Memory lane on this occasion of Navratri

Pia Bajpiee Takes a trip down Memory lane on this occasion of Navratri

Navratri is here and this time the festival will be celebrated woth full energy and enthusiasm. The festival brings with itself a different level of joy and beat in the air, infecting people of all ages. Even Bollywood is colored in the high of the Navratri fever. For some though, this festival comes bearing a load of memories from childhood days. Days when festivals were looked forward to with no worries and no schedules to adjust. When only your friends and entertainment mattered and you only wished to have fun with the traditions.

Pia Bajpiee recalls what Navratri meant to her in her girlhood day,
“All of our friends used to wake up in the morning and feel so special, after washing up and taking a bath and wearing new clothes, we used to start with the first house and go to all the houses of the locality. After eating halwa puri and black gram, it used to feel that if you eat one more bite, your stomach would burst. In my uncle’s house, we used to get potato, vegetables and pooris, and after eating all those sweets, getting vegetables would mean heaven. I was such a Petu Ram that he would not give me vegetables after two or three times, or maybe they would get over. After a point, we couldn’t eat any more sweets, but we would still force ourselves , because otherwise we would not get coins, and no aunt would allow just one plate. We never knew when the girl and the langur fell asleep while dreaming of buying the entire fair. The girl langur is still there today, only the positions have changed, we used to eat till yesterday, but feed today”

She goes on to wish her fans and loved ones,
“I wish everyone a very happy Navratri.”


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