Only Good Content and Thrilling Characters Attract me now” Says Shivya Pathania on her expectations for her future

Only Good Content and Thrilling Characters Attract me now” Says Shivya Pathania on her expectations for her future

Shivya Pathania, known for her versatile characters that she has played over the years from TV to recently venturing into OTT is a well established actress now…With her OTT debut recently seen in Hotstar series Shoorveer. Shivya is also popular for playing her role as Baal Shiv’s Parvati where she won lots of accolades for her performances..She believes that there is nothing in this world that we cannot achieve if we put our “ALL” into what we really want to achieve and for me it is to do better and better as an actor and explore more stories and challenge my ownself.



The beautiful and talented actress who has also aced her many previous characters opened up regarding her plans for her future. She says “I have been blessed with many amazing roles and features to decorate my work profile but now that I have achieved a certain level in professional life, I have different expectations for myself. I yearn for good scripts and good content and I feel I am at that point where only thrilling characters attract me. My interest in work has upgraded in a way that I value myself much more and I know my worth. Just exposure or money doesn’t spark my interest anymore and I think that’s a sign of improvement and success. I’m confident that I will receive such offers that challenge my ability as an actor and challenge me to better myself everyday. ”

Adding another feature to her accomplishments, Shivya has also aced the extraordinary by playing 21 different roops of Devi in her show Baal Shiv. Apart from playing 10 Mahavidya ,she had to adorn almost 15 Roops of Devi Parvati. And as TV schedules demand, it went upto 3 different avatars everyday which got her Best Performer Of The Year 2022 award also..She is also doing amazingly with many ad campaigns and different projects falling into her lap.


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