Now open! ‘Mega HarborLand WestGate’, the world’s largest indoor playground at ‘CentralPlaza WestGate’

Now open! ‘Mega HarborLand WestGate’, the world’s largest indoor playground at ‘CentralPlaza WestGate’

Now open! ‘Mega HarborLand WestGate’, the world’s largest indoor playground at ‘CentralPlaza WestGate’ – strengthening its position as the number one destination in the western gateway of Bangkok, expanding catchment area up to 15 million

· Recovered footfall by nearly 100% and now gather the mall’s strategic ‘Big-Bang’ Magnets such as ‘IKEA Bangyai’, ‘Adidas Brand Center’ and the newly launched ‘Mega HarborLand WestGate’

· Kids to join the world’s largest indoor playground covering over 10,000 Sq.m., with 7 play zones and over 100 activities such as 20 varieties of slides and rides, a giant inflatable house imported from Europe, a marvelous trampoline park and many more, with a great deal for new membership registration today until July 31, 2020

Bangkok – CentralPlaza WestGate Shopping Center is launching its new magnet with extremely fun experience “Mega HarborLand WestGate”, the world’s largest and Thailand’s best indoor playground, covering over 10,000 Sq.m., to strengthen its position as ‘Super Regional Mall’ under a concept of Have A Big Life, aiming to be the number one destination in the western gateway of Bangkok. The shopping center is preparing to serve new catchment area up to 15 million as public transportation network is expanding.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing of Central Pattana plc, said: “CentralPlaza WestGate has been succeeding as the number one destination in Western Bangkok and now ranks in the top three for most footfall out of CPN’s 33 shopping centers. Since the Covid-19 situation has improved, CentralPlaza WestGate has received great feedback from customers, and customer traffic has recovered by nearly 100%. We are a pioneer of the urbanization trend in the area, which has helped establish ‘WestGate’ district where we see a continued growth to become a high potential location in the West Business District (WBD). We believe that the city still can be expanded much more, thanks to the growing population with high purchasing power and the growth of new residential developments such as condominium projects located along the sky train lines. The district is also the transportation hub that connects all routes from the MRT Purple line, public transportation, pier, ring-road, expressway, and motorway. In the near future when Bangyai-Kanchanaburi Intercity Motorway is finished (Department of Highways estimates it will be finished by 2023), it will shorten travel time from the provinces in western Thailand to Bangyai to 30-40 minutes. This means that our catchment area will expand from Bangkok to a further eight provinces: Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Ayutthaya, Nakhon Pathom, Suphanburi, Ratchaburi and Kanchanaburi, covering an area with a target population of 15 million customers and making CentralPlaza WestGate the true center of western Bangkok.”

Dr. Nattakit added: “That’s why we have been enhancing our strength with our ‘Big-Bang Magnets’ strategy by joining hands with giant partners to complement CentralPlaza WestGate with various global magnets. We have joined hands with ‘IKEA Bangyai’ and their new store model with over 50,000 Sq.m. of shopping space, which makes it the largest branch in Southeast Asia. In order to create a seamless shopping experience for our customers, IKEA is directly connected to CentralPlaza WestGate. The ‘Adidas Brand Center’ has recently opened its first two-floor-format store in Thailand, covering over 1,062 Sq.m., with a perfect combination of sporting goods experience from Adidas Sport and sports fashion from Adidas Originals.”

“The latest magnet store that will enhance CentralPlaza WestGate to another level is ‘Mega HarborLand WestGate’, which comes in the format of the world’s largest indoor playground, with its innovative rides and play stations making it currently the best playground in Thailand. Mega HarborLand WestGate will help support the strength of CentralPlaza WestGate as the perfect ‘Family Destination’ targeting the new generation of families that prioritize their family’s quality time together. Visitors can be assured of safety as we apply our strict hygiene and safety measures both in the shopping center and in the playground,” Dr. Nattakit said.

Here are the ultimate five things you should not miss at Mega HarborLand Westgate:

  • The largest indoor playground in the world, covering an area of 10,000 Sq.m. with 7 play zones and over 100 different activities.
  • The most sliders HarborLand has ever experienced, with 20 types of different sliders.
  • The latest zones, which include ‘Harbor Inflatable’, where children can enjoy inflatables manufactured and imported from Europe for the first time in Thailand and ‘WonderLand’ with its exciting and fun mini-rides for younger children.
  • The latest games: Ball Attack is an interactive basketball game that children can compete in, shooting the basketball at assigned targets in a limited time as well as ‘Interactive Wall’, ‘Interactive Trampoline’, ‘Valo Jump’, and a two-storey arena.
  • The liveliest vibe, which children can enjoy the ‘Monster Festival’ gathering together a lot of ‘monsters’ that will play and spark the children’s imagination in this super-fun playground in Thailand.

Children can enjoy “Mega HarborLand WestGate” under the theme of Monster Festival at 4th floor. There are 7 different play zones such as ‘HarborLand’, the world’s largest indoor playground filled with 20 varieties of slides and rides, ‘Harbor Inflatable’, the spectacular inflatable sets from Europe, ‘WonderLand’, the exciting and fun mini-rides for younger children, ‘Laser Battle’, a laser tag game, ‘RollerLand’ a roller skating rink, ‘AdventureLand’ the adventure ropes, and ‘JumpZ Trampoline Park’, a marvelous trampoline park where both children and adults can fully enjoy jumping in the air.

Great deal for parents! Apply now for the new membership at bargain prices until July 31, 2020 via or 3-month membership deal is at THB5,900 (from THB7,900) which apply for HarborLand zone with 1-parent fee waiver. 1-year membership deal is at THB12,900 (from THB15,900) which apply for HarborLand zone and RollerLand Zone with 1-parent fee waiver including a voucher for 1 night stay at Balcony Seaside Family Studio.

Moreover, Mega HarborLand WestGate prioritizes quality and safety standards to the highest level, guaranteed by the world’s leading indoor playground equipment manufacturer. All of the rides and play equipment are thoroughly inspected for quality and safety. Mega HarborLand WestGate is applying strict hygiene and safety measures such as measuring the temperature of all visitors before entering the area, providing alcohol gel at certain service points every hour, switching on the UV-C machine every three hours and limiting the number of visitors in each zone to allow a space of one person per 8 Sq.m. in order to reduce the density and ensure that every square inch of Mega HarborLand Westgate lives up to the highest standards in terms of cleanliness and safety.

Mega HarborLand WestGate is now open daily from 10.00-20.00 hrs. on 4th floor at CentralPlaza WestGate. For further information and promotions, please visit our Facebook page: CentralPlaza WestGate


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