Latest enhancement in Meta Ads location targeting

Latest enhancement in Meta Ads location targeting

Latest enhancement in Meta Ads location targeting

By Rajesh Kumar

Meta quietly rolled out the change without making any announcements.

Meta has recently made changes to the location targeting settings for certain accounts.

The previous default setting for location targeting on Facebook was “Residing in or recently in this location.” This implied that, without modifying the settings, advertisers would reach people who either lived or had recently visited the chosen locations, regardless of their permanent residence.

Previously, there were four options to select from:

1. Individuals living in or recently in this location
2. Individuals residing in this location
3. Individuals recently in this location
4. Individuals traveling in this location

However, the location targeting dropdown menu has now been removed, leaving only the “Living in or recently in this location” choice. This modification indicates that the other options have been eliminated, and advertisers are no longer required to select a specific location targeting method.

Latest enhancement in Meta Ads location targeting

No exclusions have been found concerning campaign goals or improvement methods. The campaign’s main objective signifies the principal purpose of a Facebook advertisement, and the selected objective impacts various aspects, such as enhancement and distribution. In contrast, optimization defines the audience for the Facebook ad, as the platform shows the ad to those most inclined to execute the intended action.

Moreover, it appears that Meta’s guidelines have been revised to incorporate this new method in location targeting, despite not clearly stating the alteration.

The significance of this information lies in the removal of multiple targeting alternatives and the emphasis on “Residing in or recently in this location.” Grasping this novel strategy is crucial for effectively engaging your target audience. Adapting to these modifications and fine-tuning campaign objectives accordingly will guarantee that your ads reach the most pertinent users, ultimately resulting in superior ad performance and an increased return on investment.