Wishing all my friends a joyous Republic Day!

Wishing all my friends a joyous Republic Day!

My friends, I wish you all a happy Republic Day!

An intense adoration for one’s homeland is an emotion that cannot be denied. This is especially true for loyal Indians who are well-versed in their nation’s history and the difficulties it has faced. India is still trying to mend the wounds it has suffered, resulting in a patriotic fervour that surges inside each and every true Indian, who would willingly give their lives for their beloved nation, Bharat.

Happy Republic Day to all my friends...
Rajesh Kumar is an Indian photographer, digital marketer, business development consultant, social media influencer, and PR expert.

On this momentous and joyous occasion of India’s 74th Republic Day on the 26th of January 2023, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all my fellow citizens in India and abroad. Everywhere, tricolour flags are flying proudly, and patriotic songs are ringing through the streets. We are all celebrating with high spirits. I take this opportunity to honor and pay tribute to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the main architect of the Indian Constitution, whose immense efforts in the fight against social discrimination reflect the best of India.

I recall being a kid and my parents pushing me to watch the parade on Doordarshan for the 26th of January and to listen to the President briefing the country for Republic Day. It didn’t matter how cold it was, we were still expected to go to school and take part in the cultural programme and parade. Bearing the tricolour flag of India and embellishing the classrooms with our peers was a significant part of the day, providing us with a strong sense of being ‘proud Indians’. With a multitude of patriotic films on Doordarshan, the day was a full package of celebration. It was a truly wonderful experience that is now just a memory. I wish we could bring back those times and let the upcoming generations experience the same wonder.

To conclude, we should all work towards a better India for our own benefit, and especially for our children. Our kids are the country’s hope for the future, so it’s essential that they be taught our Indian culture and values to make them upstanding citizens. Introduce them to our nation’s past and inform them of the sacrifices made by our courageous forefathers in order to secure the independence we enjoy today. A huge respect to our nation for being so diverse, but with a shared sense of unity.



Rajesh Kumar is an Indian photographer, digital marketer, social media influencer, business development consultant, and PR expert. He is best known for brand building, digital media marketing, online sales & project management and affiliate marketing and has over two decades of experience as a digital marketer.