Building a brand takes time & effort

Building a brand takes time & effort

By Joe Chang
These 4 methods are:

1.) Building a brand

2.) Increasing referrals

3.) Organic Outreach

4.) Paid Advertising


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Building a brand takes time and effort (or LOTS OF MONEY).

If you’re struggling for clients right now, your salon won’t last long enough to see the brand-building pay off. Forget about it.

And unless you already have lots of loyal clients, you probably don’t have many referrals.

That’s why – if I were starting a salon from scratch, I’d focus on “Organic Outreach” and “Paid Advertising.”

These 4 methods are: 1.) Building a brand 2.) Increasing referrals 3.) Organic Outreach 4.) Paid Advertising

At first, I’d have no clients and no money, but I’d have lots of free time.

So, I’d use that time to connect with potential clients and close deals effectively. (I’ve shared other posts on how to do Organic Outreach.)

Once I’ve brought in 5 clients and saved $500, I’d jump into paid ads.

Then I could quickly grow my business, bring in steady cash flow, and start building a loyal clientele.

At this point, I’d have:

1.) Steady new clients from paid ads every month.

2.) Growing positive cash flow.

3.) A steadily increasing base of loyal clients.

So, I wouldn’t have to worry about going out of business, and I wouldn’t be stuck waiting for clients in my salon.

Sounds good, right?

To sum up:

1.) If you’re struggling for clients, don’t go down the wrong path – forget about building a brand for now.

2.) If you have no money, learn to write effective DMs and spend time on Organic Outreach.

3.) If you have $500 or more, learn a solid paid advertising strategy to bring in clients and kickstart your business growth.

I guarantee, if you follow these steps, you’ll soon be booking 60-100 new clients every month.

Because that’s how I’ve helped myself and my clients grow their businesses from 0 to 60-100 new clients per month over the past 4 years.

If you’re still unsure, here’s your Action Step:

1.) Check out my other posts to find the answers you need.

2.) If you can’t find the answers, just COMMENT “ANSWER!” below.

I’ll reach out to you personally and help clear up any confusion.

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