Ameesha Patel inaugurates Akaish Studio in Goregaon Today

Ameesha Patel inaugurates Akaish Studio in Goregaon Today


With the film and entertainment industry on an all time rise, Ameesha Patel has also contributed to the industry with the launch of Akaish Studio in Goregaon today. Along with Priyasin Patel chairman and director of elecon industries, Ameesha cut the ribbons and gave a kick start to the studio.

She commented, “It is an amazing place for shoots and I will make sure to hold my future projects here. I also recommend all directors and producers to use this wonderful property for their films or advertisements as well. I think everyone should definitely give this place a chance and it deserves big film productions. I commend Mr.Patel for this fabulous place.”

Ameesha Patel, who is also the ambassador of a luxurious resort in Gujarat named Madhuban Resort, reached the lauch party jn a chic outfit and made the crowds really happy. On her work front, Ameesha has just finished shooting for her film Gadar 2 which is expected to be a Mega Blockbuster.


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