YouTube, MTV and Coca-Cola are the brands that have most effectively used Facebook to connect with consumers, according to a new study.

YouTube, MTV and Coca-Cola are the brands that have most effectively used Facebook to connect with consumers, according to a new study.

Fathom Analytics, the research firm, ranked the leading Facebook brand pages based on their number of “likes”, participation rates, growth in popularity and the “positive emotion” displayed in user comments.

On these terms, YouTube, Google’s video-sharing platform, secured the top spot with an index score of 90 points, combining 48m fans and favourable ratings on all of the other metrics assessed.

MTV, the music channel, claimed second on 88 points, having been cited by Philippe Dauman, CEO of Viacom, the station’s parent, as demonstrating how to engage Facebook’s members.

“We are investing in more off-channel messaging to raise awareness and bring in audiences,” Dauman said last year. “The MTV brand and individual show pages on Facebook collectively have more than 45m fans, and in some cases, we’re providing those fans with the tools to be our loudest advocates.”

Coca-Cola was third on 87 points. The soft drink currently has 36m Facebook “likes”, drawing over 10m of its fans from the US.

“We have the leadership position on Facebook,” Katie Bayne, Coca-Cola’s president, sparkling beverages, North America, said at a recent analyst day.

“We’re learning how with Facebook as a partner to turn that on consistently, day in, day out, bringing new news and new opportunities to engage with us with our core brands.”

Starbucks, the coffee house chain and an early adopter of numerous social media tools, has 26m Facebook fans, and occupied fourth place on 86 points.

Meanwhile, Disney, the entertainment group, boasts 29m likes, and registered 84 points. The firm has recently announced plans to launch branded games on the social network in 2012.

Wal-Mart, the retailer, Red Bull, the energy drink, and PlayStation, Sony’s games console, followed in the charts, all generating 83 points.

The final two members of the top ten were iTunes, Apple’s music service, logging 82 points, the same total as BlackBerry, the telecoms brand.


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