Windows Phone app downloads pass the 3 billion mark


Downloads from Microsoft’s Windows Phone app store has passed the three billion mark. The company reached three billion downloads in only three and a half months, compared to the six months it took to reach two billion, and the two years it took to reach the one million downloads mark.

Downloads from the Windows app store are now running at 10 million transactions a day, up from 6.6 million in June. This represents an increase of 181 per cent increase in monthly paid app revenue since Windows Phone 8 launch just over a year ago and a 290 per cent increase in app download volume since Windows Phone 8 launch.

There are now around 190,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store with around 500 new apps added each day. Average app rating has increased from 3.6 to 3.8 in the last twelve months and, says Microsft, the average Windows Phone has 62 apps installed, up from 42 a year ago.

Joe Belfiore, the current head of Windows Phone, has just tweeted that by 2014 the ‘app gap’ between Windows Phones and its competitors will be closed. “We’re all gonna look back on the end of 2013 as the ending of the app-gap for Windows Phone. The 3rd ecosystem is decidedly here!” he tweeted.


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