Search engine optimization is for the person who has stamina. It requires a lot of time and a lot of tough work. However, what it does not require is a professional or an expert. Anyone with time and the aspiration to do it can learn the most unbeaten strategies of SEO. And that’s probably why there are countless SEO consultants in the planet today.

Anyone can be an SEO consultant. No authorized certification programs exist, and no industry standards guide the development of an SEO consultant. Moreover, from one aspect, that is excellent news for you. It means that you can become your own SEO consultant. Of course, not everyone wants to be an SEO consultant. Your goal is to picking up good book that might be simply to learn about the SEO process so that you can be certain that your own SEO consultant, or the SEO firm you are considering hiring, is doing the job they should be doing to help your web site rank high.

That’s good. Two types of people will get the most out of the Search Engine Optimization— people who are interested in being their own SEO consultants and people who just want to know how SEO works. For those who are new to SEO, please contact at before implementing SEO strategies we will help you to improve your search engine rankings and drive better targeted visitors to your site.


  1. While what you say is true on the great lines, such as everybody can get a good grasp of basic SEO.

    Like all work or specialty fields, there are huge difference between what a SEO literate and a real SEO professional can do and how fast and well he / she can do it.

    The biggest danger is to fall victim of a self-proclaimed expert while he / she’s no more than just a SEO literate.

    Just as in medicine, the difference between an intern and an experience surgeon is very real although they may both be called Doctor and have followed the same curriculum.

  2. rajesshkumar

    You are 100% Right Mr. Nicolas.. SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is not just SEO… Everyone is doing the same thing. And that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. What it means is that you should do the same thing in a different way… Understanding search engine optimization is half the battle in planning
    and implementing an effective SEO plan… same as when doctors knows the diseases then easy to cure…

  3. I certainly agree that everybody should learn the basics of SEO, or the basics of whatever it is that they want to do.

    Now like I said before too many people claim themselves Experts, and start a SEO consulting business… well that’s a shame as those people tarnish the reputation of what truly is SEO and how it can really benefit you.

    We all can read or learn about the basics symptoms of a sickness to be able to recognize the major ones like when we catch a cold, have some fever or what; but that doesn’t mean that we can start to open our own private hospital and treat patients.

    Like it has been said, there’s no “real” qualification to become a SEO specialist, but just like there’s not qualification in “sales”, people have to learn to differentiate a million dollar making super salesman and a Seven Eleven sales assistant.

    By the way, just call me Nicolas, titles are way too formal 🙂

  4. Thanks for your lovely reply Nicolos and Search engine optimization is not a do it & forget it strategy. It’s an ongoing process that must be maintained… now a days everyone talk about SEM they will say i wanna SEO layout….

  5. I got to this blog by Googling why are there so many seo sites out there. It’s getting out of hand. Sure, I have a website and I’ll offer SEO, but it’s not the focus of my business. It seems like there’s a million SEO sites out there. There’s this whole aspect of mystery surrounding SEO and everyone claims to have the “secret.” There really aren’t many secrets and a lot of it is common sense.


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