Viral marketing isn’t about viruses which can give you a disease but the process is just as contagious. Smart companies now use marketing on the internet as the fist choice to tell the world about their products. Viral marketing is the premier method of marketing on the internet which is cheap and effective too.

Take for example, the launch of The Harry Potter Amusement park in Orlando. Normally, companies would promote the well-recognized brand name Harry Potter to fans all over the world in the form of advertising, billboards, flyers, prime time ads etc, etc, etc to coax fans to visit the amusement park. But Cindy Gordon, vice president of new media and marketing partnerships at Universal Orlando Resorts didn’t do anything like that! She just told seven prominent Harry Potter fans who then proceeded to tell seven more via the internet. The whole process spread exponentially all over the globe with bloggers and fans of the teen wizard picking up tid-bits of information and passing them on to more friends and fans! Gordon got a whole lot of free marketing on the internet simply because she realized that a popular object of desire will market itself, so long as you present it attractively!

Marketing on the internet can get you the same interest for your brand and your product. As long as you have something that people want and use, you will acquire a customer base with a word-of-mouth publicity or viral marketing. Like a disease, viral marketing spreads rapidly from person to person. It also helps if you offer significant discounts and free stuff with your products.

Viral marketing through books?
One of the most powerful forms of marketing is free e-books. E-books are basically reworked forms of the more well-known white papers. E-books are really a great option for anyone who wants free marketing on the internet. Browsers realize that valuable content which is ordinarily sold for a fee is now going for free in the form of an e-book. If you have the time and patience, write an e-book yourself or get a writer to connect your product to something which is a hot area of interest in the media at present. Of course, it also helps if you promote your e-book like crazy on blogs, free article resource bases, and as links on author resource boxes.

Viral marketing works: just make your offer interesting and attach something free to it! Now with close to 1 billion users online someone is going to see reach out to your freebie and start building a BUSINESS relationship with you. The sky is the limit for you at that point.

Let’s go people! Let’s get to work!

More Social = More search = More Business

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