Twitter has the social media world by storm, and a year or two from now I think Twitter will still be a powerhouse in the social media world. While facebook may have the edge as of right now, soon Twitter will even eclipse them in terms of chatting friends and business associates.
The only real advantage. I see in facebook is more options on what you can do. However, for businesses chatting via Twitter is completely easy. This isn’t coding a web page or writing a sales letter. On the frst page, it asks what you are up to, and you write (I am working). Congratulations, you just graduated from Twitter school, because you just type what’s happening. However, this is more pronounced for businesses.
Twitter is more, and will be more, than simple chatting. It will be a unique way to chat with millions. With your business there, instead of sending out 100,000 emails to people who know nothing of your business, you’ll feature a sale on your site to 100,000 people who friended you on Twitter, who want to do business with you, and who may tell their friends and family about your new product or service.
There are many powerful searching tools to fnd new potential clients with Twitter. Twitter itself has a good search page, but a third party tool called Tweep Search works even better. It’s free. You search Twitter bios for certain keywords, namely what you are selling. People who might buy can be sent a friend request. See how easy that was?

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