RCB FILM SERIES: JUNE 2017 ‘TRISHNA’, UK ( 117 mins)

Directed by Michael Winterbottom


Kind Courtesy: Bankside Films, Revolution Films

With the support of the British Council.

TRISHNA is a unique film, made by one of Britain’s top contemporary directors Michael Winterbottom, based on the classic British novel Tess of the Durbervilles by Thomas Hardy. But it is exotically set in Rajasthan, India, a country the British director admires, and shot two of his earlier movies in.

The romantic leads are played by the lovely Slumdog Millionaire actress Frieda Pinto and well-known Brit-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed, who was recently named by TIME magazine as ‘One of the 100 Most Influential People in the World’. The cameo roles are played by well-known Indian artistes too.

Winterbottom, who had earlier translated two of Hardy’s novels into film (Code 46, Jude ) takes liberties with this novel too, the most important being that he amalgamates the two heroes of Tess, into one.

The hero is Jay Singh, the scion of a rich British-Indian family who returns from London to India, in order to run a family-owned hotel in Rajasthan. That’s where he meets the beautiful and gentle Trishna, a hotel-employee who comes from a poor rural family.

Jay becomes obsessed with her and soon starts a torrid relationship. He even takes her to Mumbai, where she learns her favourite Bollywood dance-moves, meets many Bollywood film folk ( who play themselves) and they live happily together as a couple.
But Jai has to move back to his Rajasthan-hotel, and she meekly follows him there. The boss-employee relationship is re-instated, but he continues to have a torrid relationship with her, behind closed doors.

Like Tess in Hardy’s novel, it becomes tough for Trishna to surmount the social barriers, especially in India. The emotional upheavals take its toll too, and she looks for a way out. The film deals with many issues- rural-urban differences, rich-poor divide, man-woman equation.The East-West musical scores are a highlight too.

As with all his films, director Winterbottom masterfully captures the macrocosmic scenario of his dramas, in this case the lush beauty of Rajasthan and the Bollywood madness of Mumbai. He also delienates the microcosmic depth of his characters.

The director stated that he found many similarities between the changes happening in the rural scenario of England and India, due to economic changes, and that was why he transplanted the story from Hardy’s Wessex to India’s Rajasthan. Trishna was screened at festivals around the world, from Toronto to London, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, India.


What the Critics said:

Chicago Sunday-Times: Winterbottom is a director who never repeats himself, and in ‘Trishna’ he effortlessly embeds his story in modern India.

Seattle Times: Featuring a Bollywood sub-plot and an irresistible East-meets-West score, the movie is lush and lusty.

Time Out, London: ‘Trishna’ displays the ambition and restless curiosity which define Winterbottom’s output.

The screening of TRISHNA is supported by the BRITISH COUNCIL, who will serve snacks and drinks, after the screening.
Andrew Glass, Country Director of British Council, will introduce the film.

We look forward to welcoming you to the screening.

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