Google’s favoritism of Google+ in its new Search Plusresults is just the latest in the line of favoritism it has done with vertical search? It’s not, because Google hasn’t really favored itself with vertical search. It is favoring itself with Google+, and that’s why things are so disturbing.

Vertical Search Is What Search Engines Should Do

Long-time Google-critic and occasional Microsoft consultant Ben Edelman has this out today:

I’ve found more than a dozen Google services receiving favored placement in Google search results. Consider Google Blog Search, Google Book Search, Google Checkout, Google Health, Google Images, Google Maps, Google News, Google Realtime, Google Shopping, and Google Video. Some have developed into solid products with loyal users. Others are far weaker. But each enjoys a level of favored placement in Google search results that other services can only dream of.

That complaint about vertical search favoritism is the type of thing I previous said I found laughable from Google critics (though that doesn’t mean everything Edelman says is laughable, nor should be dismissed just because of his Microsoft connections).

Providing vertical search results that lead OUT of your web site is exactly what search engines should do. That’s why Bing does it, as well.

To understand more, read these past posts from me:

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To Understand Google Favoritism, Think “If Google+ Were YouTube”

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