‘Contemporary World Film Series’ at TK Park Next film, in AUGUST
‘Beatriz’s War (A Guerra da Beatriz), Timor-Leste, 2013, 1 hr 41 mins, directed by Bety Reis & Luigi Acquisto, on SATURDAY 19 August, at 4 pm.
  • ‘Contemporary World Film Series’ at TK Park  Next film, in AUGUST ‘Beatriz’s War (A Guerra da Beatriz), Timor-Leste, 2013, 1 hr 41 mins, directed by Bety Reis & Luigi Acquisto, on SATURDAY 19 August, at 4 pm.
  • In keeping with the unique and exciting range of movies being screened in our ‘Contemporary World Film Series’, we are proud to present Beatriz’s War’, the
    first film made in the country of Timor-Leste.
    This film was scheduled to have been screened last November, but was postponed, due to the Thai King’s passing, and has been re-scheduled to be screened in  August.
    Beatriz’s War captures the diverse aspects of a vibrant country which achieved its liberation in 1999, through a Referendum sponsored by the United Nations -its  beautiful landscapes, cruel politics, resilient people- in a story of love, passion,pain and suffering.
    It is the story of one woman’s war against injustice, which is symptomatic of the  nation’s war against a country who occupied their land for more than two decades  (Indonesia). Infact, the story is based on the real-life massacre of a village called Kraras, by the Indonesian army, when they encounter Timorese resistance fighters from the village. They kill all the men, leaving behind a village of widows. It is during this attack, that Tomas, the husband of the protagonist of the film, disappears. Beatriz wears black, but acts brave and rallies the women of the village to move on with their lives, in spite of the dark presence of the Indonesian army.
    However, East Timor wins its historic independence from Indonesia- which this film rivetingly portrays.
    That’s when Beatriz’s husband suddenly returns to the village, after 16 years. She  realizes however that he’s changed a lot, which confuses and disturbs her.  The ending of the film shows the price a man, woman, and a country have to pay, when they have been besieged and humiliated, and seek justice and retribution. A highlight of the ending, is an emotional speech from the country’s first President  Xanana Gusmao, who urged continuous resistance against the Indonesians and who was jailed in Djakarta for several years, until his country became free. The power of the film comes from the spontaneity and spirit of the near non- professional cast, who are, after all, enacting one of the most sordid parts of their country’s history, which had affected them all.
  • Beatriz’s War’ came about, due to the formation of the first film company in the country, Dili Film Works, who teamed up with FairTrade Films from Australia. The latter  provided the technical know-how and crew, for the production of the country’s first film. The result was a rare and riveting movie, that created a stir at festivals around the world.
    What the Critics Said:
    FILM BLERG – “Beatriz’s War empowers women far more than most Hollywood films.”
    SBS FILM- “Beatriz’s War is a historical drama brimming with the passionate conviction of one woman’s commitment to family and country.”
    ‘BEATRIZ’S WAR’ (with ENGLISH sub-titles), will be screened at TK park, on Saturday,  19 August, at 4 pm. (Thailand Knowledge Park- 8th Floor, Central World, Dazzle Zone, Ph.- 02 2574300) Snacks will be served, after the screening.
    *** (The film is suitable for age-group 18+) ****
    Entry Fee: 20 B Entry-Fee (for One-Day Pass.)
    Film Auditorium will open at 3:00 pm
    For Reservations
    yuttinai@tkpark.or.th , https://goo.gl/forms/q4icZmdveaj96sdG2 or scan this >>
    Pl Reserve Early, to ensure seats.

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