Reality: Every business, big or small, wants to save money wherever they can.

I appreciate this. I understand with this. What I don’t understand, however, is why so many businesses try to take the cheap means and cut corners in their Online approach— and then are amazed when they get scammed/get terrible results/get blocked by Google.

I know how terribly costly it can be to launch, uphold, and grow a business. But there are certain aspects of building a company where it’s never okay to cut corners. You wouldn’t appoint an inexperienced, too-cheap contractor to construct the building. You wouldn’t buy low-priced, bruised produce if you owned a restaurant and you wouldn’t buy day-old bread for your sandwich shop.

So why would you trust your website and your online reputation— the foremost introduction your clients will have with your business — to an inexperienced amateur or a too-cheap scammer?

In life and online, you get what you pay for. I’ve said it earlier and I’ll say it again: solid, successful SEO and social Media strategies take time. Time is money. Try to save a few dollars now by hiring a low-priced, inexperienced, or substandard “professional” and you’ll guaranteed pay for it later.

What Happens when you try to take the low-cost Route

1.  What you pay For: low-priced links or link building campaigns.

What You Get: Google Penguin.


2. What You Pay For: Cheap Content.

What You Get: Google Panda


3. What You Pay For: Cheap Web Design and Development.

What You Get: Errors. Security vulnerabilities. Poor conversion rates. And, often, a pretty terrible-looking site.


4. What You Pay For: Cheap SEO.

What You Get: Over-optimization, black hat tactics, zero results.


5. What You Pay For: Cheap Social Media Marketing and Management.

What You Get: Banned accounts and unauthentic results.

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