New browser technologies may reduce the need for Adobe’s ubiquitous plug-in.

Since it was introduced in the mid-’90s, Adobe’s Flash has remained one of the most popular ways for developers to create animations, video and complex interactive features for the Web–regardless of what browser or operating system an end user is running. According to Adobe, which makes the Flash Player and various Flash development tools, 98 percent of Internet-connected desktop ...

Google isn’t saying how its new operating system will function, but the clues lie in its browser.

Credit: Technology Review Soon after Google announced plans for its own operating system (OS), called Google Chrome OS, on Tuesday night, the Web giant clammed up about technical details, saying that the project is still at too early a stage. The first netbook devices running Chrome OS won’t be released until the second half of 2010, so most users will have to wait until then to find out precisely ...
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