Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can seem like a daunting task to some. Especially when you are starting out. Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of time and work It is an effort or technique to get traffic to a website / blog. The technique use search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN
to bring traffic to a site. So, SEO purpose is to rank as high as possible in search engine result with specific keyword. So that, a visitor will see it and come to the sites. SEO is for:

* A newbie that begin to make blogs / sites and he / she is not social at all.

Unless you are a famous superstar or a social person that have many friends, you will find it’s very hard to make a site and makes it popular no matter how smart, how creative your content and how good your sites are. No one will know about your sites.

* You sell something online on the net. Just imagine, it’s like you have a shop deep in the forest or in the middle of an ocean. Of course, who will come and bought your product is just your friend that you told him. SEO is just like “moving your shop to a city” or maybe if you are good enough, you can move to the boulevard. So, many and many web surfer will pass by and find your store nd of course, you will get more and more customer.

* Or maybe I can say, SEO is for everyone that have website / blog. Why? because there is nothing to loose to apply some basic SEO tips that are really easy.


  1. seo

    how do I get traffic to my website? Pay Per Click can be expensive, Article Marketing can be time consuming. Is there a better way to boost traffic to my website and increase my internet business income?

  2. raj Author

    In the early years people wanted to visit all websites on the internet. But not any more! Hundreds of new websites are made every day, months and every single website needs traffic to survive. Just make a search on Google for example “how to make money online” and you will see that there are a few millions results.The competition is very high. Millions of websites and everyone wants to get traffic.

    Because Traffic = Buyers= Sales = Money.

  3. raj Author

    Yes you can through social media.There are many people that use social network and social bookmarking websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Hi5, Orkut, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Window’s live and many more to get massive targeted traffic.

    But do not rush posting your website or affiliate links at the social network websites. Just any other website they do not like spam. You can get blocked. You need do know and follow some proven tactics step by step. It is just like with the Search Engine Optimization. If you start exchanging links with the same keywords the most likely is that your website will get penalized and sink in the search results.

    There are some secret options you need to activate to get your profiles attracting lots of highly targeted leads that are ready to buy from you.

    When done correctly you can drive lots of traffic into your website and affiliate links from the social marketing sites and start making passive income. for more details can contact


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