To be included as one of top presenters at Oscars is not easy. Not every celeb gets this golden chance to be a part of the prestigious awards show that credits performers from all across the globe. However, Priyanka Chopra got lucky to be picked as the only Indian Presenter at the Academy Awards this year and boy, wasn’t she superb with her Oscars debut? Right from being on point with her red carpet appearance to being flawless with her award-giving speech, PC made sure she doesn’t let us down. But you won’t believe how she coped up to the pre-award nervousness. Yes! I know you couldn’t figure that streak of stress on Priyanka’s face while she was there on stage but the Quantico babe was super nervous and the proof lies right here in this video below.

RJ Anushka, who is with the Oscar’s crew shared this behind-the-cameras moment where PC probably went a little cold feet when asked, “Are you excited?” She didn’t know how to react but had those jitters as she said, “I am (pauses)….concerned.” Well, but naturally Priyanka was bound to get nervous. After all, everyone had so high expectations over her Oscars’ debut and every move that she made was being noticed. PC even discussed about the same feeling before the show began saying how she only hopes she doesn’t goof up with any names while she gives her award giving speech.

Well Priyanka, that way you did a FANTASTIC job at the Oscars’ this year! Kudos to you…


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