Social Media

Who Killed Twitter?

As murder-mysteries go, this one is baffling, in part because the corpse is still breathing. The one-word answer is: Oprah. But the full truth is far more interesting. Twitter was the hottest, fastest-growing, most attention-grabbing social service for a while, but suddenly it appears that many of its users don’t…

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eBay Sellers Prep for $25K Challenge and Policy Changes

EBay has launched a new promotion called the eBay Sellers Challenge, an initiative designed to inspire entrepreneurs to grow existing businesses—or start new ones—on eBay. Four winners will each receive a $25,000 business grant, along with marketing advice and assistance from eBay. In the company’s official announcement, Lorrie Norrington, president…

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Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder aim to simplify the construction of rich Internet applications.

Users can preview two new Adobe products, Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4, starting today. Both programs aim to simplify the process of designing Web applications. Catalyst, which has never before been released to the public, is aimed at designers. Built to resemble Illustrator and other Adobe products, Catalyst allows…

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