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InsourceAsia Travel Wholesalers solutions is a comprehensive Travel Management Application developed by InsourceAsia based on know-how and experience accumulated over 18 years of intensive work with variety of tour operators, Travel Agent, online B2C & B2B sites and airlines. Such knowledge and experience give InsourceAsia considerable edge over other systems by easing and shortening implementation process and reducing incidental costs.
InsourceAsia know-how and solutions are both in Travel Ecommerce systems, Internal Inventory & rates management, Bookings & sales administration and in the communication between these systems.
InsourceAsia Travel Wholesalers solutions  has been developed using the most modern Information Technology concepts and tools allowing easy and quick modifications, as well as interface with external systems, XML and even GDS.
InsourceAsia Travel Wholesalers solutions consist of several modules that can be operated separately or integrated as one system.
It can communicate with external and internal systems by allowing on-line transactions or by file transfer.
Compared to other systems with the same ampler, InsourceAsia Travel Wholesalers solutions has a short set up time and relatively low entrance costs.
InsourceAsia Travel Wholesalers solutions includes management control and reporting facilities to support corporate management in the decision making process in addition to operational on-line reporting.

InsourceAsia Travel Wholesalers Solutions

What is in for you?

    Management of a core system based on a single database to service all client users,
enabling each authorized user in the group to simultaneously performs all necessary functions. It allows creating, controlling and selling travel related products to individual travelers, groups and corporate business accounts.
    Management of travel products (hotels,  tours, transfers, entrance to sites, excursions,
various types of tour packages, insurance and many more).
    PNR handling.
    Inventory management
    Rates management
Reservations management
    Online bookings management
    Online payment management
External multi rates from different suppliers management
    Additional information management (pictures, facilities, description, Pax type etc)
    Multi-Currency Pricing management
    Different selling rates management
    Operational Account receivable management
    Operational Account payable management
    Agent & credit control management
Client Management
    Design and printing and control of operational documents, (vouchers, receipts, invoices,
itineraries, requests, lists etc.)
    Handling of sales agents agreements.
    Handling of suppliers agreements.
  • Customer Relations Management tools.
    Processing of sales and revenue accounting operations.
Costing and profitability analysis tools.
    Central management of sales and travel related communications to branches, customers,
suppliers and other travel services via XML
    Interfacing to Internal and external systems.
    Multi sites Internet On-line booking engine.
    Promotions management
Full affiliates system management
The proposed system has been developed in state-of-the-art technology, 3-tier Client/Server
Architecture, Relational Database and Graphic User Interface

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