Nokia has definitely made its mark in smartphone markets and redeemed its value in the eyes of the world with the new Lumia series running Windows 8. The Lumia 950 in particular, has received brilliant reviews and is one of the top rated phones worldwide. Seeking to go one up on the 950, Nokia will soon launch its new offering the “Catwalk” phone to beat the 950 hands down and regain the same monopoly over the market that Nokia enjoyed once the 950 was released, before HTC and Apple crashed the party.

The new phone, Catwalk, true to its name will sport a slim aluminum build to replace the polycarbonate body on the 920, with a sleek build like that of a cat. The camera has shed a few virtual pounds as well with a slimmer version of the 920’s Pure View Phase 2 camera built into the phone. Most other hardware specifications on the Catwalk are similar to those of the Lumia 950. The new release seems to focus more on improving the look and feel of the phone rather than tinkering with stuff under the hood.

A common grouse seems to be Nokia’s lack of android phones; something brought to Nokia’s notice a couple of times. But Nokia’s commitment to Windows 8 and Microsoft stands strong. There are no immediate plans to switch to android. With a plethora of android phones in the market it is much harder for Nokia to make a mark than with Windows 8 where competition is relatively lower. This doesn’t steal credit from Nokia’s Lumia 950 in any way, given that the specs of the phone are fantastic even without Windows 8 at the helm, only that Nokia is pursuing a smart strategy in conquering the phone market. Wishing Catwalk a greater success than its predecessor-the Lumia 950.

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