Nokia wins patent case against HTC in the UK, will seek HTC One ban


FINNISH PHONE MAKER Nokia has won a patent case against HTC in the UK High Court, and will seek a ban on the HTC One smartphone.

Nokia’s legal victory saw the UK High Court rule on Wednesday that Nokia’s EP0998024 patent, described as a “modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station”, is valid, despite challenge from HTC.

This is bad news for the Taiwanese phone maker, as its flagship HTC One smartphone that incorporates certain Qualcomm and Broadcom chips, as well as handful of older HTC devices, infringes the patent.

Thanks to its court win on Wednesday, Nokia said that it will seek a UK ban on the HTC One smartphone along with other infringing devices, as well as financial compensation.

In a statement, Nokia’s Mark Durrant told The INQUIRER, “Nokia is pleased that the UK High Court has today confirmed the validity of Nokia patent EP 0 998 024 and ruled that a number of HTC products, including the HTC One, infringe this patent.

“Today’s judgment is a significant development in our dispute with HTC. Nokia will now seek an injunction against the import and sale of infringing HTC products in the UK as well as financial compensation.

“Local counterparts of this patent are already in suit against HTC in Germany, Italy, Japan and the US. This is the third court this year to find that HTC infringes Nokia patents, bringing the number of patents found infringed to four.”

HTC has yet to respond to our request for comment.


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