Nokia says awarded injunction against HTC One


Don’t worry, this time it’s not a patent issue. However, it is more bad news for HTC’s already-delayed One. Nokia has been granted an injunction by the Amsterdam district court concerning the technology HTC used in its current flagship. The legal battle involves a pair of high-amplitude mics housed within One’s aluminum body, which are apparently the same dual-membrane components that Nokia’s used in its recent Lumia 720, seen above.

The Finnish company recently applied for a preliminary injunction, pointing the finger at ST Microelectronics, which is responsible for manufacturing the mic for both Nokia and HTC. According to our source, the issue is likely to be a breach of an NDA between Nokia and ST Electronics, as the phone maker asserts that the “microphone components [were] invented by and manufactured exclusively for Nokia.” We’re still hearing new details and will update as we learn more. We’ve also reached out to HTC for comment. For now, you can read up on Nokia’s statement following the court’s decision, embedded after the break.

Update: HTC has offered up an official statement in response to the injunction: “HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately.”


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