Despite the problems faced by the Nokia Lumia 920, it appears the handset is doing relatively well so far, and could continue down this path well into 2013 if demand increases during the Holiday season.

It was never going to be easy for Nokia launching the Lumia 920 after the Apple iPhone 5 went on sale, and with the huge momentum the Samsung Galaxy S3 is having up to this day. Not to mention, Windows Phone 8 is not a popular smartphone operating system by any means, which means there aren’t many fans to sell the device to, and bringing in new users would be the order of the day.

Luckily for Nokia, the Lumia 920 is doing well at retail. The AT&T exclusive device is a bestseller on, beating out the Samsung Galaxy S3. The interesting part is, there are 4 different colored Nokia Lumia 920 that are on the Amazon bestsellers list – Black, White, Yellow, and Red.

Amazon is not the only retailer where the Nokia Lumia 920 is doing well. Retailers across Europe have experienced a sellout of inventory, and they are expecting to have more devices before Thanksgiving and before the end of November.

All this is good news for Nokia’s slow comeback in the smartphone arena. The company will have to keep up this early winning streak if it wants to regain the pole position in the smartphone market. It won’t be easy with all the competition Nokia is facing at the moment, but the task is possible to accomplish with regular solid products that are priced competitively.

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