When you are passionate about gadgets and technologies, it’s only natural to compare what’s available to find the best fit. This is particularly true nowadays with smartphones. Many manufacturers, including Nokia, have recently introduced their newest mobile devices and the Internet is buzzing with numbers and specifications.

We are very proud of the hardware innovation that powers the Nokia Lumia 920, like PureView, NFC, wireless charging and PureMotion HD+, but we believe that there is even more.

It’s not only about raw numbers; it’s about what you can actually do with your smartphone. For example, it can be something you were unable to do before, like taking photos without flash in low-light conditions. Or it can be a better way to handle everyday life, like driving to work.

The benchmark

Let’s take a look at the location experience on some of the newest smartphones:

Nokia Lumia 920 News: Nokia Says They Have Better Maps Than

Click for more: http://conversations.nokia.com/2012/09/20/benchmarking-mobile-maps/

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