If you love Instagram but you want the Nokia Lumia 920, you can have the best of both worlds as Windows Phone 8 devices come with an alternative to Instagram called Lomogram. This photo editing app provides special effects for your snaps and other delights, such as frames.

Nokia Lumia 920 awesome camera may not have Instagram app but Lomogram does the job

Lomogram comes with around 121 effects, which include 57 light effects, 33 filters and 32 borders, all of which can be used in different combinations to add some sparkle to your photos. Nokia Conversations played with the app and then posted the results, showing the effects that the lights have on the image. These effects can enhance the depth of the photo and add drama to it. Given the Nokia Lumia 920 takes great pictures, it would have been a shame not to fiddle with them the same way you would on an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3.

Lomogram comes with a quirk and that is the effects take people’s names instead of the typical blur or sunny. With Lomogram they have names such as Martin and Betty. So if you have your eye on the Nokia Lumia 920 but you didn’t want to miss out on Instagram, don’t worry as you can get Lomogram for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

As we’ve been showing from the start of the week, the Windows Phone Marketplace has quite a few surprises and if you are still contemplating getting the Nokia Lumia 920 based solely on the lack of apps, don’t fret as they are coming in fast and plenty!

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