Nokia facing pressure for Android switch

An interesting comment piece on PC Pro returns to the issue of whether Nokia should adopt Android as a mobile platform.

Barry Collins states this could be the last throw of the dice for the Finnish giant if it’s close embrace of Microsoft – and Windows Phone 8 for the Lumia range – has not borne greater fruit by early 2013.

He quotes analysts from Greenwich Consulting and the Danske Invest Finnish Equity Fund, and the argument is that Nokia should make “a switch in strategy towards the cheaper end of the smartphone market”. One person sure to stand resolute against any such move, of course, is the Nokia CEO – and former Redmond man – Stephen Elop, who has lead the company on the current Microsoft-oriented strategy.

The goal was to clearly differentiate Nokia both from Apple and the Android masses, but critical reception of the Lumia phones has been mixed and hasn’t helped rally Nokia’s share price.

Barry Collins writes:
Elop promised to wow with new models, but the Lumia 920 disappointed the markets, with Nokia shares losing a quarter of their value in two sessions.

They’ve since recovered, but are still below the pre-launch level. A strong Christmas could help Elop survive but investors and analysts doubt this will happen.

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