OLD SEO – Target Specific Keywords
New SEO – Target a Wider Range of Keywords

Old SEO – Design Separate from SEO, no focus on mobile devices, Prior for 2011, site speed didn’t matter
New SEO – User Experience is #1 Priority, Responsive Design – think mobiles, think tablets, Page Load times are important to users and rankings

Old SEO – Write Content for targeted Search Engines and High Volume search phrases.  A targeted Keyword density was the basis of the creation of on-site content.
New SEO – Write naturally souding engaging content targeted to human and not search engines. Focus on your target audiences.
Refrain from being repetitive with keywords as it can be FLAGGED as content Spam …

Old SEO – Mostly outsourced content and low quality article …
New SEO- Generate highly Creative Sharable Content

OLD SEO – Aggressive Exact Match Text
New SEO — Diversity and Brand links

Old SEO – Links from fake blogs or flogs, paid blogs etc…
New SEO — High Quality Blogging along with social signals from dedicated and active audience count legitimate links

OLD SEO – Automated Directory
New SEO Manual Quality CHecked Directory

More Soon…

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