Although Microsoft were quite clear on marketing the Microsoft Band as a “Smartband”, and not a Smartwatch; people are bound to compare it to other competitors offerings of smartwatches, of course the biggest one being the Apple watch. However there really is no competition as Microsoft is the clear winner in round 1 of the wearables battle vs. Apple, for one simple reason.

The Microsoft Band Wins, because you can actually buy one today. 

It’s really as simple as that, Apple; a company known for prompt releases of their product announced the Apple watch with no release date in sight, on the other-hand Microsoft announced the Band (albeit at 6 AM my time, during game 7 of the world series), and had it available for purchase online immediately, or in stores the next morning.

Also let’s not forget that the Apple watch costs $350 vs. the $200 of the Microsoft Band; true that the Apple watch is more powerful and comes with a large screen, but even if you had $350 to buy it, yous till wouldn’t be able to.

I mentioned it in my editorial a while ago, regarding what Microsoft have to do right to have a chance in the wearables world, one of the requirements was to beat Apple to the market; which they’ve succeeded at. The other requirement was to create a device that wouldn’t get in the way of telling time; and since the Microsoft Band isn’t made to replace your watch it seems to check that box as well.

For now it seems that Microsoft have created their own wearable market, somewhere between smartwatches, and fitness trackers like the Fitbit, but the only real factor that determines success is sales; and given how they’re still out of stock on the Microsoft store, they’re probably doing quite well.

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