• Author Ira Trivedi recently called out renowned author Chetan Bhagat and accused him of sexual misconduct.
  • Retaliating on Ira Trivedi’s allegations, Chetan Bhagat posted a screenshot on social media that shows Dubey initiating a conversation with him in a flirtatious manner

Earlier, she had also mentioned that she met Chetan Bhagat a decade ago at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Recalling that Bhagat asked her what she would do if a man made a pass at her at a book launch. To this, a 22-year-old Ira said that she would kiss him if he bought 100 of her books and would marry if he bought all of them. She wrote that a few weeks later, he invited her to tea at the India International Centre and asked him to come to his room, but she suggested they meet in the tea-room. Further, she wrote that after tea he asked her to come up to his room on the pretext of giving her a signed copy of his book, after which he tried kissing her, but she resisted.

Source: #MeToo | Chetan Bhagat Gives ‘Proof’ Against Accuser Ira Trivedi And Asks “So Who Wanted To Kiss Whom”

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