You’ve read time and time again about how social media can fuel SEO and even vice versa, but where does PPC fit into this equation? The answer is in retargeting also known as AdWords remarketing. If you’re not familiar with the concept of remarketing, I’d recommend you read this step by step AdWords remarketing guide.

I’ve written many times on using social media to promote linkbait-style content for traffic and virality and how to reap the benefits of that social media traffic. Sometimes you can do a social promotion, of a piece of content, and get a lot of traffic from social media but not a whole lot of benefit if social shares, links, pageviews, etc fall flat.

Fortunately, there’s a way to capitalize on that seemingly lost and sometimes perceived “useless” traffic.

Another conundrum I’ve run into is that clients want to work their sales pitches into linkbait so badly, as they fear the social promotion alone won’t reap enough benefit to them.

They sometimes have a hard time putting informational, resourceful, entertaining, or educational material out there without a direct tie-in to sales or leads. As it is free to users, it can be costly to a publisher or client to create and develop.

While there are many things wrong with that thought process, using remarketing can be the missing element a client is looking for from turning educational content into commercialized advertising.


Making PPC & Social Media Work Together Seamlessly

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