Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg interact with students and faculty at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi in a townhall. Stay with TOI for live updates.

Key Highlights

  • Mark Zuckerberg arrives to hold townhall in IIT-Delhi, TOI’s Shreya Roy Chowdhury reports

    12:08 PM

  • The townhall is scheduled to start at 12pm at Dogra Hall which can seat 1,100 people, TOI’s Shreya Roy Chowdhury reports.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is in New Delhi to host a townhall Q&A session today at IIT Delhi. The event will start at 12 noon and will also be live streamed on Facebook. This trip comes on the heels of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Facebook HQ in Menlo Park where he became the first head of state to visit Facebook.

1:03PM – There is a little bit of a cultural does this. One person does this, I built Facebook, Steve Jobs built Apple. It doesn’t work like this, claims Zuckerberg,

12:59PM – The stuff you’re learning here are absolutely the skills you need to build things. You just need to focus on stuff that you think is good and you don’t give up at each step tells Zuckerberg to IIT Delhi students.

12:56PM – “Here’s the thing, wasn’t so long ago I was a student, sitting in a seat listening to Bill Gates when I was at Harvard. The trick is that the media likes to sensationalise this as there was a eureka moment, but that’s just not how the world works. In school I built things liked.  Most services in the world that have reached the scale of Facebook, it is a case of building something you care about,” says Zuckerberg.

12:48PM – If an operator is trying to advantage its own service and you can see why net neutrality is being hurt and the regulations should come in. But, Zero rating is important so that internet access is available to everyone.

12:47PM – You can’t have the full internet for free. But we have this free basics programme where content can be provided and it will be zero rated and the operator doesn’t take a hit.

12:46PM – They have been a lot of stories in India which suggest that we want to have a small set of services available. That can’t be further from the truth says Zuckerberg.

12:45PM – Absolutely, Net Neutrality is an important principle. We do a lot to push in terms of regulation also in development of platforms creating an open internet. Countries are just going around and figuring out what regulations should be for it.

12:43PM – “You will be able to put on a headset and go anywhere in the world, places you can’t go,” says the Facebook CEO on virtual reality and Oculus Rift tech that Facebook acquired.

12:40PM – “Internationally we are working on few projects (education) in Africa and will soon get it to India,” says Zuckerberg.

12:38PM – “Facebook is giving the people the power to share. Making the world more open and connected. I spent my time on learning about the education system. We’ve done a few big projects. We stared 5 years ago in Newark. The graduation level has improved by 13 per cent,” said Mark Zuckerberg.

12:35PM – “We take accessibility features on Facebook very seriously. One of the things we can do now, we can have our AI figure out whats there in the photo. It is not 100 per cent but it will get better,” says Zuckerberg.

12:30PM – Facebook working on a solution for a more immersive video experience with the use of Oculus technology says Mark Zuckerberg.

12:28PM – Facebook is working on a solution to fix unneeded notifications. Candy Crush notifications being a prime problem.

12:27PM – The plan is to offer users these services for free so that they see the utility and then start paying for the full Internet.

12:26PM – Now, the Facebook app uses 1/10th of the data it used. It doesn’t only cost lesser, it works faster. The programme about free basics is about the basic utilities stuff like education, health, job listings and Wikipedia

12:23 PM – Connecting 50 million people is a big deal. is available in 24 countries. In India, almost a million people have come online, says Zuck.

12:21PM – “We want to get the next billion people online and that’s why I am here,” said Zuckerberg.

12:15PM –  Research has shown by providing access to the Internet 1 person gets a new job and 1 person gets lifted from poverty, says Zuckerberg.

12:14PM – India is Facebook’s second largest community. It has more than 130 million users says Zuckerberg.

12:13PM – “I love the energy here. Welcome to the first Townhall Q&A in India,” says Zuckerberg.

12:12PM – Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage at IIT Delhi.

12:09PM – Facebook’s Ankhi Das is on the stage and she will moderate the session.

11:55AM – Tweets suggest the venue is jam packed, live video is still not available on the stream, though that should change in 5 minutes.

11:51AM –  The venue is jampacked and people have started tweeting from the venue.

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