Q: A really long question about can Microsoft convey a message as powerful as Apple?

OK we’re moving on to Q&A now.

“Windows 10 will forge a new relationship between us and our customers. Thank you for joining us today to discuss the next generation of Windows: Windows 10.”

Microsoft will be discussing even more at Build in April. We should expect to hear a lot more about how these apps are going to run across all these different devices.

“In the next few months we’re going to shift our focus on focusing our hardware and software partners to focus on building great new experiences for Windows 10.”

We’re going to get to see Windows 10 across phones, tablets, PCs, and Xbox. We’re also going to see holographic Skype and Minecraft on the HoloLens.

Nadella is done. Myerson is coming back on stage to wrap us up.

“We want to make Windows 10 the most loved release of Windows.”

“Let me close out by talking about my own personal experience of Windows.”

“It’s a practical approach, which is customer-first.”

“We absolutely are going to have our services and applications everywhere, but we absolutely believe that Windows is home for the very best of Microsoft experiences.”

“When it comes to Windows, we are not bolting on experiences.”

“Simply put, Windows is the best place. It’s the home for the very best Microsoft experiences.”

Cross-platform talk now.

“You can be assured that we will do some fantastic work from the flagship phones to affordable phones that will be available with Windows 10.”

So Microsoft believes the unified Store is key to attracting developers.

“We have a unified Store for you to monetize as a developer.”

“It’s the mobility of the experience across devices. That’s what we’re focused on.”

Nadella is moving on to Windows and mobility.

“We want people to love Windows on a daily basis.”

“Lastly for Microsoft, it allows us to think of success, and think of success in a way that’s aligned with customers and their engagement.”

“For customers they’re going to get a continuous stream of innovation, but also the assurance their devices are secure and trusted.”

“For us, it’s about aligning our goals of success for Windows with customers and their experience and engagement with Windows.”

“When it comes to Windows as a service, it’s a pretty profound change.”

Nadella is discussing moving the rover using the HoloLens headset.

“The Surface Hub takes something like joining a meeting and makes it easy and really brings the power of a team together in a meeting.”

(This is Dieter. Satya keeps looking right at us and we can’t look away. Pretty sure we’re both of us holograms.)

(This is Dieter. Satya keeps looking right at us and we can’t look away. Pretty sure we’re both of us holograms.)

Nadella loves mobile and cloud. He really does.

“Windows 10 ushers in an era of more personal computing in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

“Windows 10 is built for a world where there are going to be more devices on the planet than people.”

“Those are the strategies that are going to help us realize our mission. Windows 10 is core to all of that, it’s central to all of that.”

“Being the platform and productivity in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

That’s a brave admission, that people simply need Windows right now but don’t necessarily love it.

“We want to move from people needing Windows, to choosing Windows and loving Windows. That is our bold goal with Windows.”

“The fact that there are 1.5 billion users of Windows is incredible and humbling. It’s a responsibility that none of us at Microsoft take lightly.”

“Most of all, it’s about new opportunities.”

“Today is a big day for Windows, a big day for what it means for our customers, our partners, and for Microsoft.”

“What you just saw in terms of the experiences…you’re going to play Minecraft, you’re going to see Skype in a completely new way. They’re just going to be mind-blowing experiences.”

“What an incredible moment. These are the kind of magical moments that we live for.”

Satya Nadella is out.

So Microsoft has been working with NASA secretly for this technology.

We’re getting a look at holographic computing on Windows 10 again with help from the Mars Rover.

“In that very secret space we’ve had the great honor of partnering with one of the most innovative organizations in history.”

The team has been hiding underneath the Microsoft visitor center.

“We’re not exactly known for having a good track record for keeping secrets.”

There’s now a 3D print of a quadcopter that was created in Holo Studio. A little mini drone.

“Holograms are like print preview for 3D printing.”

Like Oculus Rift, you’re going to have to experience this to truly understand it and see how well it works. The demo seems to be going smoothly though. The objects aren’t flipping around or anything crazy.

Holograms basically work like real objects, so you can move them around, poke at them, and adjust accordingly.

This is all Holo Studio, a new way to work with 3D content.

Voice controls can be used to do things like mirror or copy content.

Spatial sound, so you can hear holograms behind you.

“HoloLens has see-through, holographic lenses.”

So Microsoft HoloLens is the untethered holographic computer. This will be available in the Windows 10 timeframe.

“I’m incredibly excited to introduce to you, Microsoft HoloLens.”

“We invented the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen.”

Kipman is inviting Oculus, Motion Leap, and others to create Holograms.

Holographic APIs are enabled in all Windows 10 builds.

“Every Windows 10 device has APIs focused on human and environment understanding.”

“In software nothing is impossible. At best, things are improbable.”

“I know this sounds crazy, maybe even a little bit impossible.”

This is literally the future of Windows. Holograms. It’s insanely ambitious.

“Imagine an architect walking around their designs while clients are reviewing it remotely.”

“New ways to communicate, new ways to create. That’s the dream we’ve been pursuing.”

“It’s inherent in what makes us human.”

“This afternoon every single person will experience Holograms for themselves in our labs.”

It’s a mixture of augmented reality using holograms and this headset. We’re back to Kipman to get a full explanation.

This all looks totally insane.

You could have Skype projected onto a wall, using the headset.

People are seeing holograms throughout everywhere they’re working. There are games, apps, all enabled from this headset.

“New ways to visualize our work.”

There’s a headset.

We’re getting a video now.

“Welcome to a new era of Windows. Welcome to Windows Holographic.”

“We’re dreaming about holograms.”

“We’re dreaming about holograms.”

“We’re not talking about putting you into virtual worlds. Virtual reality might not be for everyone, we’re dreaming beyond virtual worlds.”

“Today we take the next step.”

Is this looking like some crazy augmented reality in Windows?

“With each major advancement of input and output, technology becomes more personal.”

“Until now we’ve immersed ourselves in the world of technology, but what if we could take technology and bring it into our world.”

“Could Windows be more powerful by connecting it with your real life.”

“A few years ago we started asking ourselves, could we make things simple so technology would just disappear.”

Here we go.

Alex Kipman, who worked on Kinect is coming on stage.

“In my decades in this industry there have been a few key moments where a technology has blown me away. We’ve created one of those experiences with Windows 10.”

Myerson back to talk about second “entirely new” Windows experience.

So this new Surface Hub has been on stage all that time.

“We look forward to seeing our partners embracing this experience.”

“It will make your meetings productive and engaging.”

Of course this is all enabled by Skype, and most likely Skype for Business (Lync).

You can project content from any device to the Surface Hub and that shares it to the conference call. Maybe this will finally make conference calls a joy rather than a massive headache.

So we’re seeing a meeting mode. People can write like it’s a white board, and others are dialed in from conference rooms or their desks.

OneNote on the large display here. You can write using the stylus. “Ink is just flowing.”

We’re looking at a demo of this new Microsoft Surface Hub.

84-inch display, pen input, dual cameras.

It’s the next version of Perceptive Pixel.

“Microsoft Surface Hub.”

“We’ve created the first device of its kind for the Windows family.”

“We saw an opportunity to create a great new Windows experience for a device like this.”

Things are about to get interesting. New hardware?

“And now, let’s really switch gears and talk about entirely new Windows 10 experiences.”

“We’re looking forward to feedback from insiders all over the world.”

“After the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, we’ll be releasing our first build of Windows 10 on phones.”

“Next week we’ll be releasing a new build of Windows 10 to our insiders.”

Myerson is back on stage.

OneNote on the large display here. You can write using the stylus. “Ink is just flowing.”

We’re looking at a demo of this new Microsoft Surface Hub.

84-inch display, pen input, dual cameras.

It’s the next version of Perceptive Pixel.

“Microsoft Surface Hub.”

“We’ve created the first device of its kind for the Windows family.”

“We saw an opportunity to create a great new Windows experience for a device like this.”

Things are about to get interesting. New hardware?

“And now, let’s really switch gears and talk about entirely new Windows 10 experiences.”

“We’re looking forward to feedback from insiders all over the world.”

“After the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, we’ll be releasing our first build of Windows 10 on phones.”

“Next week we’ll be releasing a new build of Windows 10 to our insiders.”

Myerson is back on stage.

Here comes a sizzle video.

“The next big beat for us is GDC in March.”

“This is just the beginning of our discussion about gaming on Windows 10.”

Spencer is wrapping up.

“For developers that want to bring their application over the TV screen this is going to make it very easy for them to do so.”

Windows 10 is coming to Xbox One says Spencer.

So any Xbox One game can be streamed to Windows 10 in a home. Sounds like it’s local streaming only, but this is really interesting if you have an Xbox One in the living room and want to play on a tablet with a controller in bed. Fun.

You can even bring up the Xbox UI and turn off the console.

Spencer is using a controller on the Surface Pro 3 to control the game.

“Stream from the Xbox One” when you click on the game. It loaded super quickly.

Forza Horizon 2 demo. Spencer has “set up a relationship” between the Surface and Xbox One in the home. You do it one time to set up the relationship.

We’re getting a demo. This is going to be super interesting.

“With Windows 10 we will enable streaming of Xbox One games to any Windows 10 PC or tablet in your home later this year.”

Microsoft really wants to make Xbox Live a full social network for gamers.

“We think enabling people to play multiplayer games on Windows 10, across Xbox One and Windows 10 will unlock the potential of Xbox Live.”

So that’s one game that will support cross-platform play. Spencer is moving on to achievements.

Spencer is on Windows 10 and Carter is on the Xbox One. They’re playing alongside each other.

Fable Legends is coming to Windows 10 as well as Xbox One.

Lauren Carter from Lionhead Studios is coming out on stage. We’re getting a demo.

“Today people are playing games on more devices than ever. With Windows 10 we wanted to focus on those gaming scenarios across devices.”

“I’m announcing today that our friends at Unity have also adopted DirectX 12.”

“None of this is possible without the games studios out there.”

“People want to play games longer and for them to look great.” Power consumption has been cut in half, so better mobile games that people can play for longer.

“With DirectX 12 we also know people are playing millions of games on phones today.”

Up to 50 percent increase in performance for games.

Windows+G launches a UI for saving game play clips. Awesome

So this app looks like a more complete version of SmartGlass. You can chat with people on Xbox Live, access your achievements and Game DVR clips.


Xbox app for Windows 10. Here we go.

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0959 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0949 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0941

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0914 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0907 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0901 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0893

A new web browsing experience for Windows 10.

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0817 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0807


“I’m excited to introduce you to…codename Project Spartan.”

10:00:01 AM PST

“We think it’s the right time to build a new browser for the modern web.”

9:59:52 AM PST

We’re moving on to the web now. Internet Explorer or Spartan? Let’s see.

The photo app also auto-enhances photos. So it automatically removes red eye and brightens up photos.


The collection view removes duplicates, burst photos, and the general clutter associated with syncing photos across multiple devices.

“This photo app is aggregating all photos from all devices and giving you a simple view of all your photos.”

“On any device you own, even cross-platform devices we have a OneDrive app that’s built in…that uploads your images to OneDrive.”

Looks very similar on the PC and phone. It’s encouraging to see Microsoft is clearly making these apps work consistently across both PC and phone.

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0726 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0722

Calendar looks like you’d expect. Very clean, very “Metro.”

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0708 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0698

A new Outlook mail client. Universal app for phone, tablets, and PCs.


“Those three apps will come as part of the Windows 10 build on phones.”

Wireless printing support will be built into Office for touch devices.

We’re starting with Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Will be included on phones and small tablets.

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0610 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0602 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0596 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0589

“Today I am going to show you a preview version of Office on the phone.”


Okay, we’re moving on to universal apps. Microsoft is building a bunch of apps that will be built in for phone and PC.


Microsoft is bringing back the switching capabilities it used to have in Windows Phone. So you can swap between talking to people over SMS, Skype, and other apps.

Skype can integrate right into messaging. The new messaging app looks neat.


We’re looking at dictation, you can even say “hash tag” and it will type that out.


Inline replies during notifications. Good to see. Woah you can move the keyboard around on the screen so it floats wherever you want it.


Action Center (Notification Center) is now synced to the PC so you can dismiss a notification and it will disappear on the PC.

The Start Screen background image is now in the background instead of over the Tiles. It looks a lot better.

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0515 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0508

9:38:34 AM PST

Belfiore says it’s a little rough, but we’re going into a demo.

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0502 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0495

We’re going to see a build that insiders will get “in a little while.”

“What I’m going to show you now is the Windows 10 version that is tailored for devices that are smaller than 8 inches.”

“We’re tailoring it…for certain form factors.”

Windows 10 on phones and tablets. Here we go.

“This capability will be rolling out to insiders over the next several months.”


We’re getting a good look at lots of the new Windows 10 UI here too. The desktop icons look a lot more modern, and the chrome around apps has been flattened. It all looks a lot more consistent than existing builds.


“Hey Cortana, play my music.” This launches the music app, and you can even say, “Hey Cortana, please be quiet,” and the music will pause. Nice.


“Show me PowerPoint slides about the charity auction.”


Cortana seems to be handling all these queries just fine. No glitches. Belfiore is discussing the notebook feature of Cortana, allowing users to control what the digital assistant has learned.


9:29:07 AM PST

“Feelin’ groovy,” says Cortana when Belfiore asks her how it feels to be on PC.

microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0397 microsoft-windows-10-live-verge-_0401

9:28:48 AM PST

“We’re really trying to develop natural interactions for all of these devices.”

9:28:33 AM PST

It’s Cortana’s home. “It’s also the place where Cortana will occasionally pop-up notifications.”


We’re going to see Cortana running on a real build. The logo is in the search bar at the bottom on the taskbar.

And here we go. Here’s Cortana on PC.


Belfiore jokes that Cortana has been telling people the Patriots will win the Super Bowl.


Here comes Cortana for Windows 10.


“Hey Cortana.”

“These features will be coming, they’ll be coming over the next 3, 4, 5 months.”

“We’re going to see some glitches.”

“I’m going to be showing you builds that are not finished… so there’s a bit of risk in this.”

We’ll have to take a look at that a lot more closely to see if it really is seamless and not jarring.

So the taskbar is here on a tablet. “It works like a tablet while you’re out and about, and then it works exactly like a PC when you bring it back and dock it.”

Belfiore is using a bunch of new touch gestures to navigate between apps. “Because this is running a full version of Windows, it’s a full PC.” wow

Belfiore has an 8-inch tablet. He’s showing off the UI on tablets. There’s a taskbar and Start Button. Not clear if the desktop is here.


“One of the things we haven’t really spent time showing is how that experience enables new PC form factors to feel really natural.”

“A device like this elegantly transforms from one mode to another.”

Looks pretty seamless, and the Start button and taskbar remains on screen.


There are new settings too, a lot more refreshed and clean. The Control Panel and PC Settings app are basically merging. Thank God.


Action Center is a Notification Center too. Apps can add buttons or images, so notifications can appear and users can interact with notifications directly.



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