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OK we’re done. Satya Nadella is finished and it’s video time.

ok we’re done!

ok we’re done!

“This is what drove us to build the devices we launched today.”

“We approach our work every day with a mindset focused on learning about people’s aspirations and how technology can help them realize their true potential. It means innovating in new areas.”

“Every successful company has a soul. Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person in every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

And real talk: Microsoft created a little Reality Distortion Field at its presentation today. Nadella’s just putting some color on it with his closing speech. Successful keynote is what I’m saying.

Nadella is closing by talking about Microsoft’s mission.

“These are the types of new Windows devices and experiences that we believe people will love.”

Big promises for the Surface line here.

“Surface is built to perfect productivity.”

“We obsess about every choice that matters.”

“We’re not just building hardware for hardware’s sake.”

“We build them to create a complete magical experience.”

“A unified platform for people, developers, and IT.”

“This is what motivates us to build Windows 10 as a mobile, personal, trusted service.”

“No single device will be a hub of activity forever. The hub is you. This means your content, your data, your settings, your apps need to be mobile with you.”

Heh. Nadella just threw in a token “and our partners.” I’m sure they’ll notice and appreciate that and totally forget about the Surface Book owning the top-end of the PC laptop market.

“What matters most is the ability of our experience.”

“New devices for Windows 10, from us and our partners.”

“More and more people are coming home to Windows. It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm around Windows.”

You know who’s not feeling good today? Dell. HP. Lenovo. Anybody who wants to sell a high-end PC laptop that isn’t called Microsoft.

“More and more people are coming home to Windows. It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm around Windows.”

You know who’s not feeling good today? Dell. HP. Lenovo. Anybody who wants to sell a high-end PC laptop that isn’t called Microsoft.

“Since our launch in July we’ve grown to 110 million active Windows devices.” It’s by far the fastest ramp we’ve had.

“To move people from needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Windows.”

Nadella is pretty comfortable up on stage. He seems to be feeling good today.

“Even an all new digital clipboard that turns into an ultimate laptop.”

“Holograms in your living room. A band that works with all your phones, but more importantly frees you from phones.”

“It’s amazing to see the innovation and momentum with Windows.”

“It’s fantastic to be in New York. Sitting back stage gave me an opportunity to see our work.”

Here comes Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.


“I just want you to feel the rhythm of the product,” he says as he exits the stage for another video.

“This is the ultimate laptop.”

Some kind of dark magicks are happening. He picked it up by the screen and it didn’t separate. Then he separated the screen. It’s mysterious how it can do both of those things easily and well. And impressive. Like I said: magicks. Snake Magicks.

“I’ve shown you something here that is the most powerful laptop on the planet. It has touch. It has pen. It has more pixels than any screen in its class.”

Muscle wire technology, invented by Microsoft. You just pull off the display. “That quickly, that elegantly you can move with the device.”

Ok but, it’s a clever hinge. As you open it, it actually extends the screen further away from the keyboard.

“How do we separate it?” Good question.

Time to talk hinge.

So we’re in drawing mode now where the display has reversed to cover the keyboard and making use of the GPU rendering from the base unit.

“The GPU is in the base.”

They’re just passing them around the crowd now.

Ok I tease, but for real this thing looks great. Wait. Um. Panay is inviting people on stage to touch it.

Panos Panay is bringing the Surface Book out to the audience.

“It feels so good when you touch it.”

It’s designed to look like a piece of A4 paper.

“Don’t worry about your USB ports, they’re in the base.”

“This is now the thinnest, most powerful PC ever created.” It’s only 1.6 lbs; 7.7 mm thick.

Lots of cheers from fans in the audience.

They’re standing.

Yeah. Screen comes off. Hype. Get Hype. The people in the room are hype.

You can dock the display so that it covers over the keyboard too.

“Thinnest and lightest Intel Core i7 tablet.”

“Thinnest and lightest Intel Core i7 tablet.”

Woah the display detaches into a tablet.

I will never stop calling it the snake hinge.

Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge is what Microsoft calls it.

Microsoft: justify the snake hinge.

Full size SD card in there too.

I bet the one more thing is coming.

Same video again. “watch closer.”

“Surface Pro 4… it was about bringing the thunder. This product is going back to reinventing categories.”

There’s a little gap.

“Satya pushes us to be growth hackers.”

Hm. The Surface Book looks kind of funny when closed.

“The product in its class is unbelievably light.”

Our video team clapped for the non-dropped-frame GPU rendering demo. Like giddy clapped.

Really focused on performance here with GPU rendering in Premier Pro.


Looking at a demo of Adobe Premier Pro.

Microsoft managed to make a laptop that’s made of metal but doesn’t feel totally like a MacBook clone. That’s not easy.

I get a strong feeling there’s a “one more thing” with this laptop. We’re just looking at a dock now.

The Surface dock works with the Surface Book.

The Surface dock works with the Surface Book.

“It makes Surface Book two times faster than the MacBook Pro.”

They’re comparing it to a MacBook Pro. Directly.

“We’re going to compare Surface Book to the MacBook Pro.”

“With all that power, we give you a full 12 hours of battery life.”

“Ounce-for-ounce the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made.”

Huh the Xbox team helped out tuning the GPU.

“We’ve tuned this thing to perfect graphics performance.”

Latest Intel processors inside.

The trackpad has been “Optimized by the Windows 10 engineering team,” Panay says. Upon hearing the words “Trackpad” and “windows” in the same sentence, we all kind of clenched our teeth.

Nvidia GeForce GPU with GDDR5 memory. 12 hours of battery life.

Precision glass trackpad, 5 points of touch.

Panay literally whispers when he talks about the way the keyboard sounds.

1.6 mm of travel on the keys. “We’ve been making keyboard switches for 25 years at Microsoft.”

Panay notes that we’ve made fun of him for making up the word “lapability.” He is right. I’m sorry (not that sorry).

Backlit keys on here as expected. “The typing experience on this product is perfect.”

“It will blow you away, what this product can do.”

Supports pen and touch.

Optically bonded display.

So for real, this laptop looks amazing (hinge aside).

13.5-inch PixelSense screen. 267 PPI display. 6 million pixels.

Ok there’s a space. Surface Book.

Microsoft Surface Book.

microsoft_0234 microsoft_0230 microsoft_0227

There’s a fingerprint sensor on the keyboard.

Fingerprint reader on the keyboard!

I mean. Come on. They’re playing Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Video time!

“Double down and bring the thunder or reinvent the category again?”

“Do you double down and bring the thunder?”

“What do you do?”

“We have competitors. You may have noticed. They’re chasing it, it’s pretty cool.”

microsoft_0227 microsoft_0223

“98 percent of people who use Surface Pro 3 recommend it to friends and family.”

microsoft_0221 microsoft_0218


He’s using the Surface Pro 3 for CADs, PDFs, email.

microsoft_0214 microsoft_0210


“The transformation — this intersection and this challenge of the tablet and the laptop… which do you buy? Remember that problem? It’s gone.”


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