InsourceAsia Travel B2C Online Solutions

InsourceAsia Travel B2C Online Solutions


is a full package for B2C online booking sites with its strong XML platform allowing you to filter the cheapest inventory from unlimited number of suppliers, strong database that allows you add your direct contracts and other services and its reservation system that goes along with strong upsell modules and CRM system


InsourceAsia Travel B2C online solutions is built with 3 main layers: Website with booking engine, XML platform to suppliers and back office with reservations management system.



InsourceAsia Travel B2C Online Solutions


What is in for you?


Multi Suppliers B2C Platform:


A free content b2c site including booking engine, Hotels, Transfers, Packages and Tours.


Reservation System


The system is delivered with a full reservation system, where you can check all bookings status, view open bookings, pending bookings arrival by check in, change booking, add additional products, check profit & lost and much more.


Rates – Mark-up Management


Manage different mark-up per different product and different periods.


Products & Inventory Management:


Get your products, inventory & rates from external suppliers via XML or store it in the system database for your direct contracts. Add special products to upsell such as airport transfers, tours, packages or any other applied allotment, commitment or free sell to any existing producst!


Promotion management:


Use InsourceAsia Travel B2C online solutions to create & manage promotions, last minute, early bird, stay-pay and much more promotions modules are available.


Credit Card Integration:


The system is delivered with full credit card integration. You may debit booking amount automatically via client credit card or if needed, you may only block the amount and debit it later.


Upsell system:


The system can propose additional products at the booking process, such as airport transfers, city tours, Diner, SPA or any other product that you wish to push in order to generate additional profit.


CRM System:


The system will keep all information of your gusts including email birthday, etc and may send automatically, birthday greetings with discounts, newsletters, and many other promotional accomplishments.


Automatic Email System:


The system can send automatic email to your clients:


After booking: booking confirmation & thank you email + Voucher
48H before arrival automatic reminder email.. We wish your excellent stay…
72H after check out: thank you email and request to send comments on the hotel
Birthday greetings
Any other email that you wish to parameters not limited


Reward program


InsourceAsia Travel B2C online solutions is delivered with a strong Reward program that allows you to publish your own “frequent traveller campaigns”. The system will automatically distribute points (mileages) to your clients’ accounts for each booking done and clients can login any time to see their point’s status, redeem points, etc. you may change your own algorithm of points received for each booking as well as the value of point/$.


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