INSOURCE ASIA is an offshore one-stop solution for cost-effective and high quality data entry

Offshore Software Development

INSOURCE ASIA is an offshore one-stop solution for cost-effective and high quality data entry, online data entry, offline data entry, data processing, catalog processing and image processing services that help you save money, while efficiently completing your projects on time and within budget.



Exploit the power of Offshore Outsourcing requires focused skills, which exists in plenitude at INSOURCE ASIA. We deliver high quality Software Technology professional methodologies.


INSOURCE ASIA is a fast emerging IT offshore outsources solution providing the best available human experts with extensive experience to build YOUR application.


INSOURCE ASIA is NOT a software house. We are NOT developing specific software or applications. We are supplying excellent programmers and dedicated project managers that together with our proven management skills will provide you the best cost effective solution for all your developments & projects.

We can easily prove 30% to 50% decrease of development costs for our clients in all case scenarios.

Offshore your projects! We will place and run the finest Human Resources that will operate in our development centers with our working & communication infrastructures. Manage your projects! Work from your office around the world in front of our local project manager or even send us your own project manager and we will supply office space, hardware & communication infrastructure without additional cost.

Our remote in-sources process is recognized today by experts as the best cost effective solutions for software developments.


Q&A Testing Center


Our software testing center provides offshore testing services to customers.


INSOURCE ASIA has adopted a comprehensive process structure to enable the most consistent testing services to our Customers. Our methodology is to follow software quality control standards.


Functional Testing for all types of software implies ensuring that your software and all its components function correctly and conform to the requirements of the software business logic. Our specialists use a combination of manual and automated tests.

Performance and Testing check the performance and constancy of your software under simulated conditions from real operating environment until combinations of various high stress conditions.

Usability and User Interface Tests & Evaluation We use those tests to improve the end users’ experience with your software. Usability is evaluated by both real users and expert evaluation to find ways to improve the application to solve potential operating problems and to improve the user-friendly approach.

Localization Testing is designed to check Software interface and its customization to different country and language-specific environments. All tests are performed on localized operating systems and local end-user working environment.

Documentation Services are designed to provide both a professional system structure documentation for developments and QA and user-friendly clear user Guide for the application end user. This documentation can be adapted to multiple target audiences and can be provided in multiple languages.


Data Entry Processing & Data Management Center


At INSOURCE ASIA we specialize in data entry services. When your company hires INSOURCE ASIA, we will develop a service plan for your specific data entry projects and forms processing requirements.

Our approach to data entry and the technologies we employ not only enables us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and quick turnaround, but also addresses your need for document and data security and confidentiality.

We have highly trained and qualified teams with a perfect blend of expertise and experience to efficiently handle any type of complex data with utmost professionalism, vigor and ability to produce quality work.

Our professional teams can handle online product entry on ecommerce stores and online store database maintenance on different administrative interfaces as well as offline data management and data mapping tasks.


Why Partner With InsourceAsia


INSOURCEASIA focuses on working with clients for whom we can add substantial value.  We offer offshore application services, project software development, centralized IT administration, backup and disaster recovery, data entry processing and data management and call center services.  InsourceAsia gives you access to an experienced team of project managers and senior engineers using their knowledge and expertise to produce the best and most economical outcome for your organizations project.
Our services are essential for any business needing a cost-effective outsourced solution.  It’s definitely worth considering off shoring your business processing needs or setting up back-office facilities in Asia to save time and money. We can easily prove a 30% to 50% decrease from in-house costs in all case scenarios. With InsourceAsia we make outsourcing in Asia smart, transparent, and an extraordinarily effective resource for your organization.
Competitive Pricing:


We reduce your costs. We bring you highly experienced and cost effective professionals who are available in Asia right now!  We have access to a pool of talented, experienced and highly trained personnel. This allows us to offer you high-quality services at extremely competitive prices.
Experienced teams:


We employ some of the best talent in the region, polishing their skills by providing continuous up-to-date training.  Our hiring process is geared to obtain only the best of prospective candidates.  We not only consider our technicians if they’re the right fit, we take into consideration not only their highly sought after skills, but also their values and attitudes as well.


Fast Delivery / Turnaround:


We are committed to meeting your turnaround time when you need and expect it.  We have the capacity to expand our teams instantly to meet critical job deadlines.
Data Security:


We strictly control access to your valuable material and provide the highest level of security standards.

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