Google Now, Google’s intelligent personal assistant that gives you information before you need it, may not be working for “some users.” There is a bug where some users are missing their Google Now cards, which they rely on to see if there will be traffic on the way to work, how cold it may be or other useful information for their day.

A Google representative named Nealem confirmed in a forum thread, after many complaints from users, that there is indeed a bug with the Google Now Cards. Nealem said “team is aware of a bug” and they are working “to find a solution to the issue” where they are restore the lost Google Now Cards to these users.

Currently, Google has not confirmed the fix has been issued and users are still reporting their cards as missing.

In addition, Google Now is testing new background themes that are contextually and geographically relevant for the user. For example, one user who lives in Miami, Florida saw this background theme of the city instead of the typical illustrated version:


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