Twitter had a fantastic Q2 this year, with revenues up and monthly active users (MAUs) up 24% to a record of 271 million users. Yesterday however the social media giant disclosed the fact that 8.5% of MAUs were in fact accounts that aren’t updated manually. These accounts use third party apps to push out Tweets without any discernible additional user-initiated action.

So this is a terrible sign for Twitter, right? Well, not really. Just because these accounts are ‘bots’ that automatically update doesn’t mean they are spam. Many publications simply push news out via Twitter, something that is automatically updated when an article is published. This doesn’t mean that the account is worthless, rather that it will lack interaction. In fact there are many very important accounts that use automation to provide useful information, such as @EarthquakeRobot:


Of the overall 271 millions monthly active users, bots add up to 23 million users and according to Twitter spam accounts make up less than 5% of the MAUs.

For more information, see the official SEC filling.


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