The 2018 FIFA World Cup will kick-off in Russia on June 14, with the final scheduled to take place on July 15. Here’s the FIFA World Cup full schedule, FIFA World Cup Timings in IST, FIFA World Cup Groups and Teams. The 2018 FIFA World Cup telecast will be aired on Sony Sports Network channels Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 3

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is upon us as the best teams from each continent take on each other in a bid to be crowned the champions of the world. While teams like Spain, England, France and Portugal would want to make amends with a stronger show this term, champions Germany would want to hold on the trophy once again that they won 4 years ago in Rio. The FIFA World Cup draws attention from all across the globe, but here we try and compile the perfect guide for Indian fans.

The defending champions Germany will start their campaign against Mexico on June 17 and five times champions Brazil will open their season against Switzerland on the same day. Spain, champions for the first time in World Cup 2010, will be up against Portugal in their opening encounter of the group stage on June 15. The semi-finals have been slated on July 11, 12 and final on July 15.

There will be 64 matches in total in Russia, with the hosts kicking-off the campaign On June 14. The 32 teams have been divided into 8 groups, consisting of 4 teams each. The top two teams from the respective group will qualify for the Round of 16.

Here’s how each group (A to H) in the 2018 FIFA World Cup has been set up:

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran
Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark
Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria
Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea
Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England
Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

FIFA World Cup Fixtures(Date and Time in IST):

June 14/6/2018, Thursday

  • Russia vs Saudi Arabia  (8:30pm)

June 15/6/2018, Friday

  • Egypt vs Uruguay (5:30pm)
  • Morocco vs Iran (8:30pm)
  • Portugal vs Spain (11:30pm)

June 16/6/2018, Saturday

  • France vs Australia (3:30pm)
  • Argentina vs Iceland  (6:30pm)
  • Peru vs Denmark (9:30pm)
  • Croatia vs Nigeria (5:30pm)

June 17/6/2018, Sunday

  • Costa Rica vs Serbia (12:30am)
  • Germany vs Mexico (8:30pm)
  • Brazil vs Switzerland (11:30pm)

June 18/6/2018, Monday

  • Sweden vs South Korea (5:30pm
  • Belgium vs Panama 8:30pm
  • Tunisia vs England 11:30pm

June 19/6/2018, Tuesday

  • Poland vs Senegal (5:30pm)
  • Colombia vs Japan (8:30pm)
  • Russia vs Egypt (11:30pm)

June 20/6/2018, Wednesday

  • Portugal vs Morocco (5:30pm)
  • Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (8:30pm)
  • Iran vs Spain (11:30pm)

June 21/6/2018, Thursday

  • France vs Peru (5:30pm)
  • Denmark vs Australia (4:30pm)
  • Argentina vs Croatia (11:30pm)

June 22/6/2018, Friday

  • Brazil vs Costa Rica (5:30pm)
  • Nigeria vs Iceland (8:30pm)
  • Serbia vs Switzerland (4:30pm)

June 23/62018, Saturday

  • Belgium vs Tunisia (5:30pm)
  • Germany vs Sweden (8:30pm)
  • South Korea vs Mexico (11:30pm)

June 24/6/2018, Sunday

  • England vs Panama (5:30pm)
  • Japan vs Senegal (8:30pm)
  • Poland vs Colombia (11:30pm)

June 25/6/2017, Monday

  • Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (7:30pm)
  • Uruguay vs Russia (8:30pm)
  • Iran vs Portugal (11:30pm)
  • Spain vs Morocco (10:30pm)

June 26/6/2018, Tuesday

  • Australia vs Peru (7:30pm)
  • Denmark vs France (7:30pm)
  • Nigeria vs Argentina (11:30pm)
  • Iceland vs Croatia (11:30pm)

June 27/6/2018, Wednesday

  • South Korea vs Germany (7:30pm)
  • Mexico vs Sweden (7:30pm)
  • Serbia vs Brazil (11:30pm)
  • Switzerland vs Costa Rica (11:30pm)

June 28/6/2018, Thursday

  • Japan vs Poland (7:30pm)
  • Senegal vs Colombia (7:30pm)
  • Panama vs Tunisia (11:30pm)
  • England vs Belgium (10:30pm)

Round of 16:

June 30/6/2018, Saturday

  • Group C winners vs Group D runners-up (7:30pm)
  • Group A winners vs Group B runners-up (11:30pm)

July 1/7/2018, Sunday

  • Group B winners vs Group A runners-up (7:30pm)
  • Group D winners vs Group C runners-up (11:30pm)

July 2/7/2018, Monday

  • Group E winners vs Group F runners-up (12:30am)
  • Group G winners vs Group H runners-up (11:30pm)
  • Group F winners vs Group E runners-up (7:30pm)
  • Group H winners vs Group G runners-up (11:30pm)


July 6/7/2018, Friday

  • QF1: Winner (Group C winner vs Group D runners-up) vs Winner (Group A winners vs Group B runners-up) (7:30pm)
  • QF2: Winner (Group E winners vs Group F runners-up) vs Winner (Group G winners vs Group H runners-up) (11:30pm)

July 7/7/2018, Saturday

  • QF3: Winner (Group F winners vs Group E runners-up) vs Winner (Group H winners vs Group G runners-up) (11:30pm)
  • QF4: Winner (Group B winners vs Group A runners-up) vs Winner (Group D winners vs Group C runners-up) (12:00am)


July 10/7/2018, Tuesday

  • Quarter-final 1 vs Quarter-final 2 (11:30pm)

July 11/7/2018, Wednesday

  • Quarter-final 3 vs Quarter-final 4 (11:30pm)

Third place playoff:

July 14/7/2018, Saturday

  • Loser of semi-final 1 vs Loser of semi-final 2


July 15/7/2018, Sunday

  • Winner of Semi-final 1 vs Winner of Semi-final 2 (8:30pm)

FIFA World Cup 2018 telecast in India:

The FIFA World Cup 2018 broadcasting rights have been bought by Sony Sports Network and the matches will be aired live on Sony Ten 2/HD and Sony Ten 3/HD.

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