Facebook vs. Twitter: Social Media Marketing Strategy Comparison of Mobile Marketing Benefits

A comparison of the Social Media marketing strategy benefits of Twitter verse Facebook from a mobile marketing perspective. Mobile marketing as it relates to cell phones with Internet connections for web searches, news updates and other related real time wireless functions. The goal of this portion of the study was to compare the advantages of these Social Media platforms for the specialized needs of mobile marketing from both sides of the spectrum. The business marketing strategy perspective and the wireless phone user experience.

The mobile marketing comparison concentrated on two distinct categories:

1. Social Media marketing that’s performed using a mobile device

2. The results of this marketing as it appears on a users mobile device.

This Social Media marketing analysis was performed by Scott Moir and Irbtrax Seo Social Media Internet Marketing. Visit the www.Irbtrax.com website for additional SEO Social Media Marketing studies, information and results oriented applications. The study took several months and the results were based on the following:

– User and Client experience and direct feedback
– Monitoring important trends and examining key external metrics
– Researching the third party services that support these Social Media platforms
– Creating several different Twitter accounts specifically for market research purposes
– Creating several different Facebook accounts specifically for market research purposes

What follows is a summary of the details of a much larger social media marketing study involving Facebook vs. Twitter. To view parts one, two, three and four of this study visit:

Comparison of Facebook verse Twitter for Business and Online Entreprenuers

Twitter mobile marketing:

Twitter’s mobile marketing strengths include ease of use, wide accessibility and viral marketing benefits. Additionally, the 140 character limit is very much aligned with standard text messaging.

Storing and retrieving mobile content to be Tweeted can be done quickly and efficiently. Creating and distributing new content for time sensitive events or announcements can be accomplished rapidly and effectively. Content rich or target market appealing Tweets spread virally within Twitter and through out the Internet. Google’s real time Twitter streams represent a very powerful viral marketing opportunity. Additionally, Twitter is very compatible with wireless technology because it doesn’t consume much bandwidth. This is very important because many I-phones have connections that are similar to a 46K dial up service. The disadvantages of Twitter Mobile marketing relate to the effects of Tweet turnover and difficulties creating target audience interactivity.

Facebook mobile marketing:

Facebook’s mobile marketing strengths include posting important messages to an accounts followers as well as the ability to respond to messages or inquiries by your target audience in a direct and timely manner. A function referred to as Interactivity.

Facebook messages or news remains visible for long periods of time. This is an important mobile marketing advantage because it’s only necessary to post this information to a ‘wall’ once. From there it’s transmitted as an update to account followers where it also remains visible on their ‘walls’ for a substantial period of time. Popular and relevant information is often shared by an accounts followers with other Facebook users resulting in wider visibility. The disadvantages of Facebook Mobile Marketing relate to universal mobile accessibility and external viral marketing applications. The disadvantages of Facebook Mobile marketing are that many Facebook accounts tend to consume more bandwidth due to the addition of videos, high quality images and other related features which hinder accessibility for particular I-phones. Also, Facebook updates are not as visible to the wider Internet audience. However, given the sheer size of the Facebook community wider Internet visibility has become less of a concern providing an account has created faithful and interactive followers.

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