LONDON: Facebook is all set to simplify its privacy settings in the wake of criticism from users and regulators that the current controls are too complex.

Social networking site is likely to introduce a ‘master control’ to simplify privacy choices for users, so that the users could share content among three broad categories, such as everyone, friends of friends or just friends.

Facebook executives briefed Simon Davies, of Privacy International, the UK-based pressure group, over its proposed changes last week, following widespread criticism that its privacy settings are not tight enough.

This led to a string of meetings at senior level within the company, culminating in a privacy ‘summit’ at Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters, according to the Financial Times.

Source: TOI 

And now, Facebook hopes that the master control would offer a simple alternative to the complicated and frequently confusing settings users currently work with.

In briefings, the company suggested that it aimed to make it easier for its users to opt out of the instant personalisation feature, which automatically shares users’ information with third-party websites.

“There is a fundamental revision going on about the company’s approach to privacy,” the Telegraph quoted Davies as saying. Last December Facebook made changes to its privacy settings.

But, many users complained these were too confusing.

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