It has been said by the comScore that 41.1 million minutes have been spent by the U. S. Web users on Facebook and 39.8 million minutes on all the Websites of Google, including Gmail, YouTube and other properties.

Facebook’s position at the top in terms of minutes logged to the Website shows that it has become very important for Google to start working on its pending social network.

The reason that the Facebook has exceeded its search portal giants is extensive sharing of photos, video, links and content on the Website, which led to the dramatic increase in the number of users.

To socialize with their relatives, friends and colleagues, most of the 500 million worldwide users of the Facebook give on an average 20 minutes or above to the site.

In order to fix their problems quickly, searchers go for Google, which is a fact-finding powerhouse. More than billion searches are being handled by the Google’s search engine in a day.

The incredibly sticky videos on the YouTube, Gmail’s most popular Webmail app, have been knocked out by the Facebook and this point towards dilemma of Google.

“Facebook is poised to continue to grow compared to Google, and this is increasing the need for Google to act”, said the Forrester Research Analyst, Augie Ray.


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