Microsoft’s big goal with Windows 10 is to encourage developers to create universal apps that run across PCs, tablets, and phones. The software giant now has a big ally: Facebook. At Microsoft’s Windows 10 devices event in New York this morning, the company revealed that Facebook is creating Windows 10 apps for Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. “Facebook is all in on Windows 10,” according to a quote attributed to Mark Zuckerberg.

An official Facebook app for Windows 10 isn’t a huge surprise given the Windows 8 version, but an updated Instagram app is long overdue. Instagram launched on Windows Phone nearly two years ago, and it has barely been updated ever since. Even to this day it still lacks video upload, and most Windows Phone owners simply use third-party Instagram alternatives as a result. An updated Instagram app for Windows is encouraging, but Microsoft still has many hurdles to conquer to offer a truly compelling platform with a host of third-party apps.




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