Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Can’t… Stop… Clicking…

61% -Feel addicted to the Internet

39% – Could quit if they wanted

Net Generation – Internet addiction is common in every age group, but Generation Y has it bad. If they can’t Google it, there’s gonna be trouble.

Thank Jobs it’s on them at all times.

There ARE Girls on the Internet

Both sexes are caught in the Web, but female respondents were more likely to feel addicted than males. So much for stereotypes.

Smoke Signals

Studies suggest Internet addiction can signal future substance addictions*. However, voters who admitted to using other substances were less likely to claim “Internet addiction.”

Smokers: 48%
Nonsmokers 65%

Drinkers: 57%
Nondrinkers: 64%


Ten years ago, roughly half of the U.S. population used the Internet. Today, four out of five people are online.

Staring at the Screen

A yearlong survey showed that in 2010, the average American spent upward of 35 hours a week (five hours a day!) online. Teens reported less, as they were probably too busy texting.


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