By Scott Hogge

I had this great making money opportunity but did not know what to do to get the word out when I happened upon some tools. The first was an incredible autoresponder, anyone who is serious about long term success on the internet knows that you need a good autoresponder that can follow up with your leads 24/7. Don’t you need something like this that you can just set up and let run while you are doing other things. I love the thought of being able to respond to someone while I am asleep. What a needed tool.

Next, my business needed a video producer and I found this program that could get your video recorded and uploaded with a custom landing page and opt-in form within 5 minutes. Whoa, I was blown away, this was something that I needed with my making money opportunity. Video has become huge on the internet and being able to brand yourself is vital to your long term success. When people can see that there is a real person behind something they are more likely to take it seriously. So having a tool that can produce videos like rabbits is a must.

Last but certainly not least my business needed one last thing and that was my own online office. A place I could call my own. My leads and prospects could come a talk to me with their web cams or text chat all within a professional environment. You could have meetings and small webinars with whatever making money opportunity you had come across to promote. I know as a online marketer that you need certain tools to succeed. I knew that once I found these tools I had a leg up on the competition and my future would be brighter.

You would never see a carpenter try to build a house without the proper tools. Why would you want to build a business on the internet without the proper tools?

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